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January 11, 2011



"Unfortunately I don't think Stewart is correct here. Apparently we cannot disagree and be polite and civil, if the response from the Left to the shootings is any indication."

That's 100% right, when you think about it, this isn't anything new or something that happens on the odd occasion. Whenever something like this happens, i always see prayers and sincere condolences from Conservatives and Christians. From the left however, it's always the same, they use the tragedy to strip us of our rights to speech, to defend ourselves and to even speak out against policies we don't agree with.

No matter how decent and polite we are, it's always the same hatred and bigotry from the left and i think it's simply shameful.


lol...Typical conservative response. Just listen to 24 hrs. of talk radio and you can easily hear that both sides are nuts. However it's the right that sounds the most violent.


I must hand it to Jon for at least trying to bring some sanity back. However, he is wrong about trying to reason with the nut cases...they will never be civil! It's the sad truth, and we just can't easily stop the insanity.


When Jon Stewart is the MOST logical voice on the Left, it says a lot about the Left. Of course Jon was not correct in his thinking and in many of his comments, but he was more rational than most. Sad state of affairs.

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