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January 23, 2011


R.J. Godlewski

In Michigan, we cannot concealed carry on campuses, but we can OPEN carry. Which seems a bit odd to say the least. ;o)

RT readers can go to the Open Carry site and partake of all the various maps, etc.



R.J.: That is interesting, seems concealed carry would be preferable, wouldn't offend anyone.

In our area, it's very strange to see anyone walking around with a gun on their hip and when they do people stare, ha. I would rather have mine hidden, but either way I want it WITH me.

I'll check out the link.


I suppose the interviewing style isn't the best, but at least she isn't a crazy leftist retard impervious to any facts or reason.

Andy Pelosi

I truly hope you don't conduct research for a living. My dad is also named Andy and my mom - Anne. I am from NY and if we are related to Nancy Pelosi's husband (originally from Baltimore) it would have to be quite distant. Even if we are related - who cares? let's deal with the substance and forget the ad hom. attacks. Andy Pelosi


Andy Pelosi: I have removed the comment, which as I noted was from a reader/viewer at YouTube.


This weapon situation is always going to get worse and even more polarized.

G-od forbid, some right wing moron get s a gun and really does some damage and also supports the 2A, the TEA or Republican party and is a conservative. That’s when there will be “Over-reaction” like the 1968 gun control act, all because of Rev. King and Senator Kennedy’s murders. Thank G-od the democrats are not in charge of the house…

I believe Safer is a true moron. He has been in Law Enforcement too long to remember why we have guns to begin with. He should remember the little story of those that have guns until the government no longer needs them and when they are retired, they lose their guns, especially in a Police State “Socialist” society like Obama definitely wants us to become.

Safer wants training and requirements, and that’s when the LIBERALS make GETTING A WEAPON so hard that it makes the 2A almost superfluous, I give in example Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago,

I wonder, wherever there are democrats running everything, there is high crime. Wherever there are Republicans running things, with the ability to have concealed weapons, crime goes down and the people are safer.

I know who I want in charge…. One gives me the right to protect myself and the other gives my protection away from me to another person who might be busy doing something else.


R.J. Godlewski


In Michigan, about 70% of the population is carrying concealed, whether licensed or not. The only place with tight gun restrictions is, gosh, Detroit. And we all know how bad the crime and corruption are there.

In Livingston County (I don't remember the stats for the other counties surrounding Detroit), they issue 2,500 handgun permits and 500 concealed carry licenses annually according to the Sheriff's Website.

Incidentally, in 2008 no local Democrats appeared upon the ballot for any L.C. offices. ;o)

Michigan's Constitution specifically states that firearms are permitted for self-defense, which is a step above the 2nd Amendment, and now with the GOP in charge across the board, I see better days ahead here.

On to other matters. I would like to see a repeal of the 1986 U.S. law regarding machine guns. Even hardcore liberals must acknowledge that the law remains foolish. Secondly, I would like to see states do away with various classifications of firearms. Here in Michigan, for instance, short-barrel rifles are illegal, which was a determination basedly solely upon a previous Attorney General's "finding". Idiocy, in my opinion.

Progressives cannot debate on the issues, so they turn to declaring war on inanimate objects.


Andy Pelosi

@ Debbie. Thank you.


Andy Pelosi: We always try to be accurate. I should not have posted the 'comment', even though it was clearly a YouTube comment, it was misleading and I can see some took it as fact.

We can disagree on the right --and I believe necessity-- for legal gun owners with license to carry, keeping their guns with them on college campus, we want what we say and write to be accurate.


Definitely. It has come to our attention that cases like this happens frequently.

Gary Lee

Sa., 06/04/11

Politicians with security details and/or concealed carry permits consider themselves to be among the "ruling elite." Us commoners should call 911 and hope that the cops will arrive before it's too late.

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