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January 03, 2011



My choice, at this point, would be my Representative, Mike Pence...Not my Gov. Mitch Daniels.


Sue: I imagine the group running will be large and varied at the beginning, but as we've seen before it will be thinned out quickly and we will be stuck with those left standing. I can only pray it is the right people/person.

Honestly I don't know who that would be at this point.

Grouch at Right Truth

If they flop out Gingrich, Suckabee, Romneycare, or any other watered down re-run, I'm gonna vote for Obama, just for spite.

You've been warned!


Grouch: You finger would rot off before you would vote for Obama, I know you too well.

Howard Larson

One criteria mentioned above is the candidate has to in favor or repealing Obamacare. But, let's not forget the EPA; we need a president that is willing to reign in the EPA and their regulation of CO2. A columnist over at the Blaze wrote an article that seems to be a trial balloon for Jon Huntsman Jr. Huntsman, as governor of Utah, jumped on the Climate Change bandwagon so he definitely out.


If we're throwing out names to see what sticks, howz about Gov. Chris Christie, NJ, with Sarah as his running mate?

Scott Kirwin

Bring on the fat man, Chris Christie. Anybody who can tame New Jersey can handle the country.

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