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February 21, 2011


Trestin Meacham

This needs to stop right now!

A.C. McCloud

Another day, another outrage.


Why the delay in hanging the SOB. He's guilty, no question.
Is this what is known as "swift justice"?

Where are you Judge Roy Bean when we need you.


Actually, this is a good thing... Since he can't find a bank to hold his money, which must be paid since he has not been convicted by courts martial, the Army must hold his money.

As per my experience, the Finance Office will screw up his pay so bad that after all the auditors do their thing, he will be convicted by then and he will be assessed the money as a fine anyway!

Could not happen to a nicer guy!




Oh by the way,

If Hasan was a Christian or a Jew, they would find a way to hold his pay based upon the REQUIREMENT that all milpay must be done through direct deposit.

Imagine, doing anything against a Muslim? the left would go nuts!



This piece of Islamic sh*t doesnt deserve to draw any pay and allowances. He should have been taken off the active military rolls immediately after the shooting where he killed 13 and wounded 33 military personal at Ft Hood.All the pay he receives should be devided among those families that had a member killed by this lunatic. This occured in 2009, yet, Obama and his in-justice department cannot find it in themselves to bring this to trial....Is there any question in anyone's mind where Obama stands when it comes to enforcing our laws against anyone of the Islamic faith?

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