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March 01, 2011


R.J. Godlewski

They ought to institute a large fine for people showing up without emergencies or, at a minimum, place them to work as orderlies. ;o)

Snake Hunters

Snake Hunter Sez,

R.J. - Nice try, but the lady with four noisy kids is on food stamps, her husband beat her up yesterday, and as for her moping the floor, who's gonna watch those kids? - reb
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For myself, I've only been to the emergency room twice as an adult; once for a car crash with a head wound, and when my appendix flared up and needed to be removed. I payed plenty both times.

They need to garnish wages for people that will not pay. How you do that with illegals, I'm not sure.

Always On Watch

A few years back, when Mr. AOW was having a heart "incident," he had to wait 6 hours in the ER because all the druggies were getting their methadone (or whatever) and immigrants' children with runny noses were treated so that THEY could go home or to school.

Mr. AOW was consigned to limbo on a gurney in the hallway in the back and didn't even get his diabetic meds administered when lunch was brought to him; I had to go back home and get the glucophage so that Mr. AOW could eat.

When Mr. AOW's personal doctor showed up, everybody hopped to, got the CT scan done, and arranged for admission to the hospital. It is a wonder that my husband didn't have a heart attack as there was a huge buildup of fluid around his heart. In fact, if the family doc had not made Mr. AOW chew up an aspirin in the office before we headed to the ER, the heart attack might well have happened. The family doc was furious with the ER situation, BTW.

Oh, and we had to pay the $50 ER fee before the hospital would admit Mr. AOW for further care as one admitted to the hospital.

An appointment in advance for the ER is ludicrous! ER's are supposed to perform triage and make the decision from that triage.


wow this is one more disturbing find DEB..pray u never need the ER! have a good week my friend:)


If a wife beater takes his wife to the ER with bruises etc. they will call the police and the guy gets arrested. If an illegal shows up at the ER suddenly it is too much trouble for the ER staff to ask him for ID. They don't want to get involved in legal issues they only want to dispense health care. But I can guiarantee you they bill the government for that visit. They don't object to getting involved in stealing tax money to give illegals benefits. I have been to an emergency room with real emergencies and they AWAYS ask for my insurance and ID, but somehow they can't ask for an illegal aliens ID?????

The real ER

First, people who call ambulances for non-emergent items like back pain for 4 weeks should be shot. Second, if you can call the ambulance for yourself you are most likely not that sick. Third, people already call ahead to "let us know they're coming in. " In case you haven't realized the sign on the outside says hospital not hilton. For the women who ranted about her husband not getting his precious diabetes medication, he's not going to die if he misses them once, people are actually going to die because you keep distracting the nurse from actual sick patients that need to be cared for, if you can complain then you are not sick enough. I'm sure they did an EKG and you're Mr. AOW was not having a heart attack because even if he was having a heart attack, chewing 2 aspirin is not going to prevent it from happening. And a lot of times people have to be put on a gurney in the back hallway because the precious family doctors just punt everything to the ER and it becomes overcrowded because the family doctor doesn't want to deal with you're incessant craziness.

Grouch at Right Truth

Actually, chewing 2 aspirin may abort a heart attack. Way back when streptokinase was new (this was before TPA and Retavase), someone did a study comparing reperfusion rates between IV streptokinase alone (no heparin added) versus chewed aspirin. Guess what? Reperfusion rates were statistically the same. The bad news was that reocclusion would occur in the vast majority of cases, but chewed aspirin may buy time until angioplasty can be performed. Add nitrates and heparin and the odds go up.

Just a little observation from an oh so friendly ER doctor.

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