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March 07, 2011



Wow!! Right on target! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who does not appreciate all the hyphenated American.

Point in fact, we are all American, with various racial backgrounds.

There is no such thing as an Mexican-American, or African-American. Either you are Mexican citizen or an African citizen. I have never heard of any other nation claiming to be Australian-American. It's nonsense.

America love it or leave it, just leave the hyphen out of it.

R.J. Godlewski

To show you how ridiculous hyphenation is, my maternal grandparents were Polish, living in Austria. My paternal grandparents were also Polish, but living in Russia. Poland, as an independent country, did not exist for 126 years ending in 1918, after my family came over here.

So, I guess that makes my mom’s side Polish-Austrian-Americans and my dad’s family Polish-Russian-Americans. And, according to liberal logic, I am a Polish²-Austrian-Russian-American. God help any kids that I might have if I marry a Ukrainian, Colombian, or Chinese girl. ;o)

New Attitude

Excellent post. No further comment is necessary.

Always On Watch

"There is no place for dual nationalities in the United States of America."

Hear, hear!

America is no longer unified and will not stand as a nation. I'm sorry to have to say that.


It is difficult to unite a nation that's being forcibly divided by a failed ideology, bent on dumbed-down education, command and control, and replacing freedom and liberty with socialist/communist dogma.


Readers might like to see an article that makes similar point to Debbie's here: "On Being Real" : http://apoxonbothyourhouses.blogspot.com/2010/06/on-being-real_20.html


I am an American. My ancestors welcomed all of those from what ever land they came from. As time went on some began to hyphenate to set them apart. Eventually the government decided that they must hyphenate everyone and my people became native-Americans, not Cherokee-Americans just native but heck we already knew we were the "natives" and the rest of you hyphenated folk were here because we welcomed you. We wanted to be Americans too but we were stuck on land that your cows couldn't live on or where you couldn't raise crops but yet we were American's. In time of war we were Americans, not Indians or "native"Americans, just American's. So all those who want to hyphenate can kiss my Cherokee-native- Welsh- Irish-Dutch American butt. I am an AMERICAN FIRST AND LAST.

Larry Faren

This reminds me of a great essay I read in the WSJ twenty years ago in which an articulate "A-A" lady named Deborah Wright simply asked, "Would it be OK to just be American?"
SEE http://farenblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/would-it-be-ok-to-just-be-american.html


Larry: Thanks for that link, much appreciated.

Thanks everyone for the input.

I think this topic is one we will be revisiting in the near future.

GM Roper

Excellent post, and thanks for the link Debbie. Much appreciated.


Great Post...check out this Youtube link....
The title of the song is
"There's No Hyphen in American"

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