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March 22, 2011



It might be that the consistent thread is ... Barry siding with ... Theological Islamists. Let's see if Muslim Brotherhood surfaces as a major element of the "rebel" force in Libya.

R.J. Godlewski

"Why Not Iran?"

I will tell you why, precisely, Obama went into Libya.

(1) Iran is a Persian country, not an Arabic one, and Obama wants to look good in front of the Arab population (ostensibly because it has been neglected by U.S. policies in the past);

(2) Obama wants to look military in the eyes of his country. A quickie get in and do something makes him look like Bush without having to spend decades within a country. The problem with this, is that the Progressive/Liberals just don't get it. This is not about looking "military". It's about defending the United States of America.

(3) Obama has the attention span of a two-year-old. He wants to assume the presidency without adhering to matters of leadership. He already wants to turn over Libya to other nations. Then why go there in the first place?


because he is aiding and abetting the most hateful Izlamists..and getting away with it with impunity DEB!


The other thing about libya is that there are no wmds, and also what exactly is the threat against the United States. You know the very reasons liberal scum were caterwauling over when America liberated Iraq.

The truth is that obama once again showed how inexperienced and really quite ignorant he is. He thought the rebels would overthrow gaddafi quickly and wanted to be on the winning side.

But obama as usual didn't do his home work, the rebels can't pull off anything and now America is caught up in a war that obama doesn't have the balls to win.

Eventually obama will make some sort of half-assed cowardly excuse and weasel out of Libya, leaving the rebels and everyone else to the mercy of Gaddafi and his thugs.

Given the rebel leaderships hatred of the west and America, i can't say i'll lose any sleep over it, but there will be American soldiers and other innocents who will die for his stupidity.


Simply and accurately put, Barry is an inept moron. Period.

Random Blowhard

Weak and incompetent President's often turn to war to improve their ratings, as it is with HopeyMcChange.

Lisa G in NZ

very good post...

why not Iran? because TheUrkel is a wimp and actual leadership requires a pair which he doesn't have...

or its just whatever Jarrett or Soros wants done that day... no thought to previous day - what he says "now" is all taht matters...

to the deragned left

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