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June 07, 2011



God help us if Barack Obama is reelected. May he go down in ignominious defeat in the name of all that is true, right, and just ... and in the interest of all free people, both in the United States of America and around the world.


Great job on the article. Thanks for posting. Very interesting.


lol "these goddam lefty's want to help everyone?! preposterous!" Do not insult the Founding Fathers with your Anti-Christ BS. First off they wanted no taxation without Representation, YOU JUST WANT SMALL GOVERNMENT TO STUFF YOUR POCKETS AT THE SAKE OF THE Majority. You people clam to "be right" on this subject but if you sir are a True Christian you better take a good hard look at yourself and what your saying. That Way of thinking is going to put more people on the street (STARVING, BEGGING FOR FOOD, FIGHTING FOR LOW-CLASS JOBS which equals PEOPLE LOOKING FOR AN EASIER WAY OUT, HENCE, STEALING, SELLING DRUGS, ECT.) The Rich are Getting Richer and the Middle Class is Slipping into the Low-Class. Look up the tax rate on the rich that got us OUT of The GREAT DEPRESSION and tell me what you see. If you let Corporations run wild and free you better get ready to fight over that job begging the man in a $10,000 Suit to shine those $1000 shoes. open your eyes. The quote, "money is the root of evil" was said for a reason my friend. Matthew 22:21 "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's." BOOM BABY. and btw, the government is set up to serve the people, to help the people, to do the right thing ESPECIALLY IN THE U S of A.. A corporation is set up to make a profit, purely simple green Evil money. I will not play dumb and say you are totally wrong. Your choice to support big business is understandable though, even I must say. But is only correct up until a certain point. It makes No since to charge the top 1% the people who make like 35-40% of the total GDP a ridiculous tax if it is that companies goal to expand and put people to work. Here is the certain point, they aint making more middle class jobs my friend. They are putting it in foreign banks, avoiding taxing with republican backed write offs or going through loopholes, and buying their 15th house in Jamaica. Im not saying tax the crap out of them till they no longer exist either, but if you aint going use that money to expand your business which in turn giving reasonable jobs and puts food on peoples tables in this capitalist world we call home.. something has GOT to give or we will end up bad. Now dont get me wrong, I dont want to be giving out handout to lazy self absorbed people either. They need to go get a job. But there are people who Really do need the medicare and government help to get back on their feet. But there will be even more people that need help from being laid of from the government spending cut. It just isn't the answer. now how that connects to --> Violence on any level is completely and totally unnecessary, left-wing, right-wing, that doesn't matter, people have got to stop. - But im not going lie its hard to tell this over and over again and people dont listen to a single world and instead of making a logical argument they sit there and tell you that your a socialist pig and that just isnt very nice. America is the best damn country on the planet and we aint socialist. we have a blend of controlled capitalism that has made the American dream a reality and moral standards of helping others stay a reality too. but when one side doesnt want to compromise weather it be left or right, the balance comes crashing down. It just so happens that its the Republican side this time and it is a steep slide into greed and will turn this country to a damn third world country in no time. Now on a more personal note, the system of being a republican and being a religious person is the craziest thing that has come about EVER. Either they are all on the big business payroll or just straight lost sight of their faith. Wanting laws to make more money while going to church on sunday preaching about giving, talk about a load of hypocritical HORSE SH*T! i feel better now. peace.


Nazism and fascism and the like are wrongly associated with the right. These movements are about strong dictatorial government, which are ideas of the left. These are counter to what the right stands for.


The right supports the freedom for people and business to prosper and benefit society; the Left supports top-down control, lots of dependency, impropaganda to keep people stupid and intimidated. I much prefer the Right to the Left. Always have, always will.

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