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July 23, 2011



Debbie, I've been all over trying to get information on this, and this is the best piece I've seen all day. Great job on this one!


No one thought to charge the scumbag, well that's a result of leftist indoctrination over the years, teaching them dependence and collectivism.

This is the price for shunning free will, responsibility and common sense and instead embracing stupidity and a culture of passing the buck to someone, anyone else.

My condolences to the victims and their families and i hope people learn from this, though i'm not optimistic.


Trestin: Thanks so much


This is the best run-down I've read so far, so I'll definitely be sharing in on the interwebs.

I find it interesting that Anders' closest apparent political leanings would be along the lines of United Russia, Vladimir Putin's political party. I also find it noteworthy that two separate Islamist groups tried to take responsibility before realizing that gig was up.

I'm also rather curious if Anders had any connection with the "Anonymous" movement, which is supported by "Russian interests".


Martin, thanks so much. High praise coming from you. The Freemason angle is interesting. I'm not sure about the "Anonymous" movement.


Thank you for this excellent article, Debbie. This was a truly horrific event. May God be with the families.


Good info, Debbie. The Times and many other newspapers did not hesitate to run with "Christian fundamentalist" as a description, even though such people almost all attend church regularly. Did this guy have a church home?


From the article above:

He also had a "hatred" of the modern institutional church.

Also, the words "Christian" and "Conservative" seem to have been added to his FaceBook site AFTER the attacks took place. who did this? See the link in the article for screen shots.

Always On Watch

A fellow blogger sent me a copy of the screed that Breivik wrote. Sheesh. Talk about weird!

I've now written a long post on the topic of Breivik. I plan for this post to my one and only post on the topic. I do not have time to waste on such a madman!


Okay....this might sound crazy...but do you think that this attack was done in order to create sympathy for Muslims - that - maybe - this guy is a convert to Islam??? And the whole thing is a set up??

R.J. Godlewski


My take is that this is just a nut misguided by delusions of society. That said, it comes after intelligence warned that Jihadists were seeking "blond-haired, blue-eyed" people who would not arouse any suspicions.

Only time will tell...



Did anyone out there see this clown wearing his "Templar" uniform? It is of course a US Marine Corps Enlisted Dress Blue jacket.

The ribbons on his chest are all US ribbons. He does have some other medals that are European in nature. Was this guy ever in the armed forces of Norway?

Since this uniform is bogus, has anyone out there actually checked to see if he is actually a member of the Free Masons?

Europe is becoming more and more populated by Muslims and the national demographics of European nations are changing, as all nations do over time.

This is a fact, but people can not take violence into their own hands, people can not go around killing people like this clown and Islamic terrorists do.

Murder can not be excused and can not be tolerated by any rational nation! I have heard that the maximum amount of time this clown will get is around 21 years for killing 76 people? The Scandinavian peoples have not had to deal with this level of lunacy before, their laws are not up to dealing with this type of violence. I am sure their laws will be changed to properly deal with violence of this level. The PM stated the answer to acts like these is "More Democracy", sounds correct to me.

The fact that they, along with the rest of us, initially thought that these acts were Islamic terror based is quite reasonable based upon the last 20 years.

Murder is not and can never be the answer!



Jon A. Uhnderwood: Thanks for that thoughtful comment. Murder is not ever the answer. This guy may plead insanity I heard today.

Martel Sobieskey

Debbie concludes: "The moral of the story is always be prepared,always have protection,trust no one,and look out for the crazies" -- well said indeed! In this case the Norewegian police/security were totally incompetent if not criminally negligent in their duty -- but of course Norwegians don't believe there are in bad guys in the world. It took police 90 minutes to get to the site. It should have been only 10 minutes. A helicopter with a sniper should have been there almost immediately. Thanks to Debbie for the excellent article.


My hunch is that Breivik does work for the Jihad, because he acts as if he were created to inflict murder for the Jihadists, but carry a conspicuous false christian flag so that it can
be blamed on their enemies. If so, the ploy is working much better
than attempts to blame 9/11 on the US and Israel as it has quashed any
theories that the attack can be linked to the jihadists which are the
only other place thinking we have seen writings like his manifesto
which sounds like a direct translation of Al Queda terror manuals.

This piece looks not only at third terrorist links to Ramsi Yousef, but also questions if there are jihad links to other non-Islam jihadists such as Virginia Tech and the discovery hostage stand off:



Martel Sobieskey: Thank you, high praise indeed. The deal with the helicopters is they only have small ones, according to reports, so a pilot and sniper would have been all they could fit, no mass troops could use the helicopters. What a shame.


tyarthurhu: Thank you for that link. I think we don't know enough about this guy yet and it should be very interesting to dig deeper and uncover everything about him.

I heard today he had been planning this for 10 years, that sounds a little strange to me so I will wait for some sources.

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