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July 29, 2011



There is no friggin way in the world this is a good idea. Unless, they can pass the training as is...no lowering the standards. i would prefer to see women in the CIA para militaries force train with them, when they have a need for females in their mission prophile. I can see the kind of women who might "make training' she's about 6 feet tall, looks like a marine from behind, and burns pure diesel!


Bad, bad idea. Shame on them. Women do not belong in combat, period.


I think this is a terrible idea, but it's the feminizing of the military, it has been going on for some time.

Their excuse is that they need female SEALS to work with the females in other nations, but that's a crock. We already have women in the military who could serve this purpose.

SEALS are different.


PC gone crazy. Why don't we have female Seals already? The same reason we do not have women playing in the NFL.


One of the reasons a society goes to war is to protect their society and one of the base reasons you don't want to commit females is that without them, society does not continue.

It's not society can not stand seeing a female come home in a body bag, unfortunately, we have already seen that.

I know it sounds old fashioned, but women need to be protected in our society and in our families. Being a Mother means something, it is the basis of our society and of the human race.

Opinions vary, but that's mine.



We also know it is different when a women is captured by the enemy also.


Im in the navy now going for special ops airr or eod i relize all odds are against me wheither that be people or options as of now i can pass the pst and if i were given a chance i would be a seal. im not quite 6 ft i modeled but i have the mind strength of any marine for my country and would like the same options as anyone else in this country has as i thought we were equal.


Open your eyes people! It has nothing to do with equality like everyone likes to think. The facts are men and women are made different. Men have the strength and reaction skills necessary for this type of work. It comes down to who you want covering your six. You brother who is jacked and ready to battle or a woman who can barley hold up her gun. Sorry it is the truth. But seeing as we f**k up everything else lets give them everything they want. Sorry just my rant.


Did any of you read the full article? SOCOM runs a variety of different operations, some of which REQUIRE women. In this case, the admiral sites the Cultural support teams, so we can get in contact (intel/PR) with local Afghan women. It's a liability to attach half-trained soldiers to specops units. We learned this from Operation Eagle Claw. This is why dump so much money and training into SOC. Seals want to be able to set their own standards and pick women who are the cream of the crop rather than have an under-trained, unfamiliar, detachment appointed to their unit.

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