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July 12, 2011



Hijo de Puta.

Bill Bastard

Fuck these wetbacks send all back we don't need there asses here.



Pablo Cancino

ARIZONA comes from "Arizpe", our territory named before Sonora and Alta California, mexican territories, they are criminals just because they claim their home and land and demand their human rights.
Alta California, Nuevo México and Tejas for mexicans

Susan Benton

Pablo, they are criminals because they broke the law. It could be theft, it could be coming to Arizona without legal permission. But it is the law - besides, you twit if Mexico were so wonderful why are so many Mexicans trying to leave it?


Hey Joe, did you give free pairs of boxers to the families of the over 400 cases of sexual abuse that you ignored to further focus all your attention and energy towards singling out all the Latinos you could set your sights on? Most of whom were thrown in jail for misdemeanors that white supremists like yourself would normally not even get charged for? Just wondering.

Albert Einstein

Wow the USA is a joke and a half, you guys are a circus for the rest of the civilized world. But its awesome because very soon even the US citizens are gonna be in shackles down in FEMA camps when the economy crashes lol. I must say I dont know if theres a hell or a heaven, but one thing I do know is this Joe fella is going to hell... good luck you patriotic chest pounding fatases, may your dead god be with you.

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