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August 05, 2011



Just don't dare call 'em hate crimes!!


Anyone who has been paying attention knows this isn't new. What is new is the size of the mobs and the use of cell phones to organize them. But anyone who has lived in a large city knows if you a white person are caught after dark in a black nieghborhood you will get your butt kicked.


No it won't be called a hate crime since Whites or Christians are not included, just Muslims, LGBT, and Blacks can be attacked because of hate.

I saw where hetrosexuals wanted to have a "pride parade" and the gays almost pooped in their pants. No way, they say, it would be "offensive".

New Attitude.

I would recommend anyone living in a state that allows concealed carry to purchase a weapon, learn to use it, and get the permit for CCW. If people are going to act like animals then shoot them like animals.

GoneWithTheWind, you are right, this in not new and social media have made it easier to organize and carry out.

Mystical Time Traveler

Now you know that these poor boys are victims of their social-economic circumstances. They know no better since they are the product of an unwanted pregnancy, an unwed mother, lack of father, and no education. This is due to the racist policies of the Governor and/or corrupt white politicians.

What is needed to fix this problem is more money thrown at the problem, a couple of studies about the problem and reparations.


Oh yes, the "poor boys", I'm waiting for their mother to come out just like the mother of Islamic terrorists, and say "he is such a good boy".

Gun sales have been soaring of the past few years and for good reason. Yes, buy, learn, practice, get your carry permit, we did years and years ago.

Grouch at Right Truth

Were none of these white victims armed? I'm a peace loving guy but if this happened to me I would probably have to kill 5 of the bastards before I ran out of ammo. My .38 holds 5 rounds.


As far as I can see, there was no fighting back. I don't know and the news reports did not say, if the attackers had weapons or what kind. Apparently none of those being attacked used them if they had them in this latest incident. I'm not sure about the others across the US


When I go to a state or county fair the security checks for guns, no concealed carry allowed. Ironic, isn't it, that the best place for a mob to find unarmed people to attack is where the security made sure the victims were unarmed.

I may be hard headed but I don't believe I would accept a mob kicking my butt. Certainly you can't fight a mob but I could take at least one shot at someone trying to do me harm. The problem for most people is we don't expect it and when it happens we react in ways that make us more vulnerable, such as stepping back and off balance or averting your face and now unable to see what is coming. My advice is be aware and take action. Step into or just to the side of an attacker, keep your stance wider and throw the punch as you step into it. Step forward to the left or right so that your strong side faces your opponent and punch hard as your foot lands and your hip pushes forward. Follow wit a sidekick to the side of their knee. What I just described sounds complicated but is suprisingly easy. If you connect with the kick the police won't have any problem aresting the perp because he will still be there when they finally arrive. So accept that you will get hurt and make them pay a price.


GoneWithTheWind: Our local county fair does not check for weapons, we have not been to the larger State fairs in years. I doubt we would go if we could not carry our weapons.

On protecting ourselves without weapons, yes we are well trained in karate, a Korean style and could probably do a fair job of protecting ourselves from a bunch of untrained thugs who are not armed. Not everyone can say that, the average untrained person simply cowers.

New Attitude

Debbie, an excellent idea. Self defense training is a must. With the popularity of MMA surely there are some instructors who would teach self defense lessons. I am further expecting further escalation of this type of violence as we draw closer to getting rid of that bastard in the white house. If he is defeated, I fully expect riots.


New Attitude: You are right , this will continue to get worse. You're not the first to suggest that there will be riots if Obama loses in 2012. Scary thought.

mr white

[Note from Debbie: This comment has been removed]


The casterated white males & cowards full of PC liberal guilt deserved to be beaten.


they are fighting for their fredom from white oppression

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