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August 09, 2011



Bolton could never win, but he might affect the debate. I wouldn't mind seeing him join the fray.

The London riots and what's happening in Wisconsin seems a harbinger of what's to come as the western economy shrinks-- a coming train wreck between those who see the need to live within means and preserve the underpinning of US liberty--individualism, and those who believe that with a contracting economy we should reform through socialist statism. It's going to get uglier.


Most folks say he can't win, but he has a lot to say and it would be good to get him to challenge the current group of prospects


I have hoped that John Bolton would run. He'd make a great President I think. I would like to think that people are ready (finally!) to vote for substance over looks and charm.

Ralph E.

Snake Hunter sez,

John Bolton has it all; he has great character and integrity, knows foreign affairs far better than any advisor in today's white house, and he is destined to move up.

I'd like to see him in the field of candidates, and it's a long stretch 'til November, 2012

Be patient folks, cream always comes to the top.

___ ___


OK, so I'm late here. Sue me!
John Bolton is my man for president ever since I got him added to the list of candidates in a pick top three poll at conservativehq.com
This man is the smartest, most level headed, even tempered man I have seen/heard since he was the short lived US Ambassador to the UN.
He's way ahead of Rick Perry and Perry is the best the GOP has right now.
Or at least until the RNC and Rence Preibus start showing their a$$3$. How sucky is that?


Texas Vet: I'm with you, I've been a big supporter of Bolton for years, but I don't think he will actually run, unfortunately.

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