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October 31, 2011



at this point it would be good to go back 9 entries and replay the beat obama with a cain video...like the refrain in a song, end each discussion with this litany


I just watched the interview with Greta. I'm hoping that Herman Cain isn't digging himself a hole. It's obvious by his answers, he is not a trained politician, which is a bad thing when trying to explain something like this.

His answers, while they seemed to be completely honest, should have been more concise and to the point.

David (DW)

It is past time Cain hired some advisors who understand the realities of politics, Debbie. If Obama had blurted out the truth, he would have lost to McCain, for better or for worse.

Ralph E.

Snake Hunter Sez,

November 1st signals the beginning of one full year of smear politics; charges & counter-charges are dead ahead.

The top-two leaders in the polls at any given time should expect a barrage of mud and sleaze as a part of the political strategies from the far-out left and right-wings...stay on course, Herman Cain is a mature fighter. Focus on the goal...

Beat B. Hussein Obama..send him back to his chicago's acorn snake-pit & 'neighborhood organizer' sleaze-balls, and Trinity (Black Liberation Jeremiah Wright) Church, where jew-hating, and Louie Farrakhan lovin' is par-for-the-course.

___ ___


Snake Hunter said it right. The Republicans had better be ready to rally around their people fast. The bastard left will do whatever it takes to get that empty-suit buffoon of theirs in for another 4 years.

No matter how incompetent and idiotic he is or how much he has ruined your fine country, they won't care, they'll smear even a black republican and be as vicious as they can be to get what they want.


Sounds like something that Santorum would do. He's been on Cain's case over abortion from day one.
Santorum and Perkins ReligiousFarRight base would love such a scandal.


I thought maybe it was Newt, but who knows.


Newt likes Cain, Saint Santorum doesn't.


has cain been vetted? gov perry said "if you want to know a person (character) look at their past". just look at what we got in obama and there is very litlle information linking to his past, for whatever reason. obama was never vetted. shouldn't herman cain be vetted also?


hg: Yes, Cain should be vetted just as all candidates should. Politico isn't interested in vetting, they are interested in destroying.

Cain is fine with the NRA releasing the women and allowing them to tell their side of the story. When given permission, the women declined.

There were no charged of anything sexual, only words or gestures that made the women 'feel uncomfortable'. Is making someone feel uncomfortable reason to keep them from serving this nation? I don't think so.

If there is anything substantive to the complaints against Cain, I will be the first to denounce him. But let's see some facts, let's see what Cain was supposed to have done and let's see if he actually did it.


One of the accuser's attorney spoke for the woman (victim). The attorney as representative for the victim said "there was a "series" of offences from Herman Cain directed at his client". The attorney and the woman wrote the response to Cain's denial together. The attorney also stated "the National Restuarant Assocciation invetigated the sexual harrassment charges and agreed to pay the woman a cash settlement without admitting guilt". Actually there were two women who were paid, one $35,000 and the other $45,000. These payments were NOT simply monies for "severence(s) pay per agreement". Rather these payments were for "A settlement agreed to by the NRA and the victim to settle the sexual harrassment charges. Businesses do not poney up $80,000 just to get a complaint "off the books". Cain is another Obama in an older body. He is in the process of vetting himself through his own actions. His numbers in the polls are now dropping, as they should.

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