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October 10, 2011


David (DW)

White House reaction:

Oooooooohhh! Goodygooodygoooooody!!! More! More! More!

New Attitude.

Everybody paying attention out there? This is what awaits everyone who does not join in the new world muslim order. Christian (Catholic and Protestant) will be murdered while the islamic run government pretends to actively persue those responsible. Libturds, are you paying attention? You're responsible for this. Also, you will be next.


they could care less bout dead Christians or Jews and we all know it..its sick Deb.............

Ralph E.

Snake Hunter Sez,

I didn't notice much in the msm about about the killings, rapes and beatings of Coptic Christians in Cairo or Alexandria, or the burning down of their churches.

This leads me to wonder..What would Obama do.. if some crazy mobs torched his old pastor's devine ediface, The Reverand Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology Trinity Church in Chicago?

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