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December 12, 2011



Debbie, I happened to drive by the Los Angeles City Hall the day before the deadline to vacate the premises. I had heard about people doing vile things at city hall. I could smell the stench as I drove by. I came by the city hall in the early days. What a huge difference 2 months made! The hippies destroyed the place! The NAMBLA members used the outhouses to engage in oral sex, while lesbians would give a peep show under open tarps and tents with the windows open. The city crews cleaned up over 20 pounds of feces off the lawn, where women and men exposed themselves to the public as well. Then these moonbats assumed the truckers union and the longshoremen would have their back when they tried to raid and block the port of Long Beach. The truckers and longshoremen wanted no part of it. These moonbat hippies are like Wiley Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. Wiley thinks he's smarter than roadrunner, then lands into a mess.


Thanks for that eye-witness report. Sounds nasty. Why local governments allow this is beyond me. Compare the actions of these Occupy folks to the TEA party


Snake Hunter Sez,

Compare...the Septic Tank Politics of Chicago, with those of Los Angeles & San Francisco, and you will only find minor differences, of stench.

___ ___

Will Profit

Bravo. Debby, you couldn't have hit the nail on the head harder or with more accuracy than you did.


Just your typical upper middle-class zealous American conservative propagating lies and cultural hegemony. Otherwise, if you actually do believe what you write, then you are nothing short of delusive. This whole blog is nothing more than the reactionary quacking of a neocon.


I vote Republican, and I thought the Occupy Movement was ridiculous. And yet, I still think you people here are nuts.

All I was doing a search for was beans and rice, and it brought me to this awful part of the Internet...

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