December 19, 2011



Two of the big issues facing America, only Gingrich has addressed. I agree the guy is not a doctrinaire conservative, but I wonder if he is not what we need at the moment. For instance, he is the only candidate I have seen that really gets the threat from Sharia - http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/243580/its-about-sharia-andrew-c-mccarthy

And for what its worth, some thoughts on Gingrich's focus on repairing our Court system - http://wolfhowling.blogspot.com/2011/12/gingrichs-attempt-to-redress-judicial.html

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I am not so quick on giving up on Gingrich. His decline in polls has followed a concerted name-calling effort more than on anything 'real'. Reading headlines makes Gingrich sound like he is off his rocker - but investigating the discourse reveals his comments are made in response to particular situations. As for the judges, Gingrich is saying judges need to be held accountable when they step out of the defined judicial role. How can that be wrong?

R.J. Godlewski

I am currently reading Walid Phares's 2010 book "The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East."

On the dust jacket, there are 7 recommendations from various people. There is ONLY 1 located on the front -- at the very top.

This singular reference is an endorsement by Mitt Romney.

Coincidence? :o)


(see cover image enlargement)

A F TIcker

Bachmann, Saint Santourm and Huntsman are a true way to re-elect Obama and now the little attention getter Pailin is making noise like she might get into the mix. Lord that is just what we DON"T NEED.


Palin, as much flack as she gets from all sides, actually has a track record as a politician that no one has ever been able to challenge in a debate. But for me, the guy I want will never get elected: Ron Paul. Just one time I want a politician who simply adhere to the Constitution and whatever happens happens.


Snake Hunter Sez,

Early Predictions is a hazardous game, even for the politically astute analyst, but once we get passed Iowa, pin-headed Ron Paul will prove to be nothing more than... a faht in a gale. - reb
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Snake Hunter Sez,

The writer of this article has made a choice, and would like to persuade as many as possible to fall in line.

Thank you, no.

As anyone can plainly see from the polls, Michelle Bachmann is now, and will remain, a minor factor in the national polls, regardless of what happens in Iowa, so she really has no choice, other than to attack the two current leaders.

As to Speaker Newt Gingrich "coming off the rails" is simply sour grapes.

Romney & Gingrich are the sharpest, most articulate and experienced candidates the GOP has, for now.

I'd like to pick the next V.P.

Either tough-minded John Bolton, or Marco Rubio, to help with the Latino voters. This young senator from Florida could be the future President of these United States!

Peace, Through Strength..
Stay Vigilent!

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Josh A. Kruschke

This is why I still support Newt...


Newt has a plan to enact his plan, and it's a pretty good plan.

Also, He has had the courage to shut down government before, he will do it again if need. Do you think he would of caved and came up with the debt commission.

People that think outside the box, think outside the box, and not all of there ideas are going to be winners.

My 2 cents,

Just something to think on.


I want an America that I can be proud of again. I want God given rights to apply to all men and women. I want to be able to face my accuser in court and speak out against a government who is tyrannical. I want to be able to defend myself against the likes of those who infringe upon these rights. I want the elected officials in my state to have the power to regulate what has not been granted as a power to the federal government. I want the ability to not testify against myself, with blood, breath or hair. I want the Federal government to coin money at 0% to the people instead of a private banking cartel made up of these around you. The only candidate who resembles all of the above is Ron Paul.


Snake Hunter Sez,

Fuzzy thinking, denaldo.

Ron Paul bet all his chips on Iowa, a state with 7 electoral votes; he doesn't seem concerned that there are 49 more states.

You say that you want to be able to defend yourself?

Ron Paul shrugs off the Iranian nuclear threat, ignores Israel's right to self-defense, and wants to downgrade our military.

He's a whacko!

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