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December 17, 2011


The Watcher

Some Congressfolks have gotten complacent, since these few have been in Congress nearly as long as there's BEEN a Congress.

Other Congressfolks are concerned about losing their seats if they don't do what they're told, or being given 'bad' committee assignments to get them out of the way.

SCOTUS is a lifetime appointment, so unless you do something outstandingly egregious (and I'm hard-pressed to figure out just what that 'something' might even be), your job is secure even if you rule unjustly.

I think the majority see the government as Behemoth or Leviathan - unstoppable and unbeatable even in the short run; therefore, they take an apathetic attitude ('They're too big and powerful, we can't do anything about them.'). Not a few Congressfolks take advantage of that.

Finally, I think that a large majority of the 70% of American Christians have 'exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator' - the creature being government. They've discarded the notion that God is supposed to be in charge, not DC, and that human governments are basically designed by God to defend us 'against all enemies, foreign and domestic' and to keep the peace - and that's pretty much it. Along with the non-Christians and the secularists, they've placed government in God's spot.

And that isn't working, as can be plainly seen.


The Watcher: Excellent points. I don't think we are too far gone to stop things and turn things around, but that is how some people feel -- defeated, hopeless.

Always On Watch

I have to wonder how much "white guilt" plays into Congress's reticence to rein in Obama.

If Congress doesn't rein him in, he's just going to keep pushing us further away from the letter and intent of our Constitution.


Snake Hunter Sez,

I like Texas Gov Rick Perry's idea of a "part-time congress" would rid us of the decades of worthless legislators that take campaign "donations" from Soros-type manipulators... to perpetuate themselves in congress, and never read these 2,000 word bills, just vote to approve them.

The Essence of Good Governance Begins With Two-Term Maximum Limits...

Then go home, get a job, and live under the laws that they've passed, including MediCare (or Obama-Care) w/o Any Special Lifetime Perks!

___ ___

Karena Morrison

The main reason for the congressmen handing over the powers to regulators and the Executive Branch is because they are POLITICIANS... We have gotten away from the 'citizen legislator' and MUST get back to TRUE representation of the people and by the people. If you would like to be a part of a process that encourages regular people to select/elect candidates for Congress from their districts, please check out http://goooh.com/.

Keith Flaugh

The problem is much bigger that our current president. And unfortunately it doesnt really matter in the grand scheme of things who get re-elected. The media and the parties hype the presidential race, telling us we need the next Pied Piper, when in fact, it is the distorted political process that is broken. BOTH parties are corrupt to the core and collectivists. They will spend our treasury in different ways but they are both bankrupting us morally and financially. They both create government dependency. It is time we get rid of the collectivists and return to the roots of our Constitution--individual freedoms and individual responsibility. www.goooh.com

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They’ve to be found management in God's blemish.


We have gotten away from the 'citizen legislator' and MUST get back to TRUE representation of the people and by the people.http://allbestserials.com/

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