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January 16, 2012



That makes a lot of sense. And I would hope that Santorum would not choose Romney as his running mate if he should win.

That would be a mess.

Romney is arrogant and I just don't see him beating Obama.

R.J. Godlewski

Actually, Romney lost to the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama.

Black Sheep

After watching the So. Carolina debate tonight I would be fine with any one of the 5 over Obama. They're all intelligent people and they don't talk like liberals. Paul's age shows, he tends to get flustered and start stammering sometimes, but his idea of returning the income tax to the 1913 level, which was zero, sure resonates with me. Probably wouldn't work considering 4/5ths of the budget is income taxes now but he has the right idea. They all talk about reducing spending this way and that. We'll see what actually happens though....

At least I'm not left with that "anyone but Obama" feeling, like ending up with another George Worthless Bush out of desperation.

Democrats Abroad

You'd all save youselves a lot of stressful six hour car journeys and general soul searching and depression , if you just realised you're not going to win.

You ought to win ,with the economy the way it is , but because of the fine ensemble of fuckwits you've got to choose from it's inevitable there will be four more years.

Have a nice day.


Snake Hunter Sez,

Clarity? {The title}

I don't see clarity here, or a patriotic desire to win the struggle against the Thugs & Slumlords of Chicago.

They're holding all the Aces; the Soros Money, the MainStream Media, etc

The message here is obvious. Agree With Me!

Sorry folks, I don't think any of you are qualified to do my thinking for me.

Herman Cain was "nice".

Santorum is another nice guy, with zero chance to go the distance. He and Gov Perry will soon fold.

There are only TWO candidates in this race with the moxie and the experience, plus the verbal skills to defeat the Obama Machine, and they get Hot-air from the Right-Wing!!!!!

Whazziss? Another Dhimmi- Nin-Com-Pooper with a dirty mouth adding to the Clarity? pheweee!

___ ___


Snake Hunter Sez,

So, Texas Governor Rick Perry folds, and endorses Gingrich.

Now the field is narrowed down to Four; next to fall will be Santorum. That silly little twit (Ron Paul) will hang in there to keep the donations flowing from his fanatical followers, as we next head south to Florida.

Two Questions: Will the GOP Nominee be decided this early?

Will the winner be smart enough to ask Senator Marco Rubio to accept the V.P. Spot... to help secure the Latino Voters?


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