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January 08, 2012



Snake Hunter Sez,

This article indicates a total lack of awareness, deeply embedded within the Obama Administration, to establish a set of top national priorities...if we are to survive as a nation, governed by law, rather than by emotional whims. - reb

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A F TIcker

Just another reason this administration has to go.
Veterans are being denied treatment because of cost. Older people are being denied treatment because of age and cost.
When someone can explain to me why the LGBT is any more special or deserving of special treatment then perhaps I can understand the rationale behind this type of thinking.
Until then, get over it. You are no more special than anyone else and deserve absolutely no special treatment or attention.


Yes this administration needs to go, but equally as important is getting rid of Obamacare.


Special treatment for special groups


Happy New Year, Debbie.

Honestly, this information is so disgusting I can barely stand reading it. Last time I checked, men and women were built like men and women and health care was the same whatever type of sex they had...stupid me?:-)

3.5% of the population and we all have to sit and watch them take over.
The California schools are now mandating LGBT history books too....very VERY important for 8 year olds to know some historical person was GAY, you know!! (ya, I'm being sarcastic)

God help us all.

Black Sheep


Where is Lee Harvey Oswald now that we REALLY NEED HIM?


Happy New Year to you too Z, and everybody. Another year of the same from the Obama administration.


If independents and moderates will quit sniffing the same brand of glue that's recommended by Nobama, Bela Pelosi, Zombie Reid, Dopey Wasserman-Schultz, Ed Schultz, Rachel Madcow, et al...they can help to end the reign of Nobamanation and say NOvember to NObama. This Saul Alinsky crap of his has got to go!

A F TIcker

Skunkfeathers, With only 50% (barely) earning a wage all Odummer needs is 1.3% of the other side of the equation (those not earning a wage but living on some form of government subsidy) to win re-election. We know that the same group who voted on racial lines are going to vote the same way again. Those paying no taxes, again close to 50% want to keep it that way and will vote for the "occupier in chief". Of course it is these "idiots" who don't realize that under Odummers plans they will soon be poorer... but guess it makes no difference as long as the "gubermint' is handing it out to them.
The independents, moderates, religious far right etc need to back who ever is no Obama if we want to survive.

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