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January 09, 2012



Immortality sure is expensive.

Tammy Swofford

Minus Registered Nurses at the bedside, the client might as well head home. Studies show that decreased post-operative infection rates, decreased post-operative complications (and the list goes on and on) are dependent on R.N./client ratios.

As a nurse who spent two decades at one facility, I can also assure you that a nurse who is well-acquainted with her environment, the physicians she interacts with, etc. is more capable than a rent-a-nurse hired during a walk-out. Yet there is an increasing need for nurses to make their voices heard - for the sake of their clients.



But they are required by law to take any illegal aliens that walk in the door. They do not get reimbursed for this. Many years ago while traveling a friend of mine had to be hospitalized briefly. The hospital contacted the American embassy to get the care approved; that is if the embassy had not guaranteed payment my friend would have been shown the door. WHY don't we bill Mexico?? Sure, I know, Mexico is broke but we could subtract it from the billions we give them in aid. Mexico not only does nothing to prevent illegal border crossing they encourage it. If we started billiing them maybe they would think twice about allowing the illegals to cross the border.

At some time in your future YOU will be refused care. Either you will be too old for it to be economical or the care will be outside what the government feels is required. AND at the same time the hospitals will be giving free day care to illegal aliens...

Always On Watch

Quite soon, America will be saying goodbye to the good medical care that most of us have been accustomed to.


Tammy Swofford: Exactly right. I know where you are coming from. Many nurses are quitting, that is how they are voicing their opinions. Many are becoming nurse practitioners.

There will be a huge increase in the use of nurse practitioners, and they are fine to a point.

But nothing can take the place of the years of training and experience that physicians can provide to patients.

Will be both scary and interesting to watch.

gypsy dan

It is sad that the congress has not gotten going on doing any thing to protect our health care workers. Maybe NP's and PA's can make up their own medical groups and hire doctors to handle the tricky cases and let the NP's and PA's take the day to day colds, coughs and flu's and keep American Medicine strong. PA schools need to become more client friendly and not so country club requiring 2000 hours of medical experience before your can be admitted. Hey if they have that much why do they need PA school at 60,000 per year and you work for free for another year. It is just an extension of university corruption and money grubbing to pay for the free illegals that get in by government fiat.


Debbie, did you know the Watcher's Council gave you an award for this post?

Tom Berquist

Nice job...more folks are figuring this mess out but this has been intentional consequences since day one. This administration continues it's Saul Alinsky agenda. We must take down this law and this administration soon. November will not come soon enough but a lot of hard work before the election and for many years to come. Of the many factions attempting to take down our country Progressives are at the tip of the spear.

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Health officials and other medical personnel involved must act promptly and hold a discussion on how to manage their patients so no casualties would be caused by failed devices. I hope this issue on early implant ruptures wouldn't ruin the reputation of plastic surgery industry in the US and Europe, especially in the field of breast augmentation.

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All the blessings we enjoy are the fruits of labor, toil, and self-denial, and study.

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