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January 04, 2012



I am very surprised that this administration (Obama) is doing anything at all to help or be a friend to Israel. I question our motives until we get a president that knows who our real friends are.


This is fascinating news. I too am amazed that our decidedly anti-Semitic president would do anything to help Israel. Methinks, only in an election year.


I will give Obama credit for finally aiding our greatest ally, but I am in agreement with Jenny, he's doing it to get votes.

He has never shown any kindness or extended friendship to Israel until now, and what a coincidence that it is an election year.


The US is friend to Israel. Obama is not. Were I in Israel I would fear a trojan horse as a prelude to war. Obama is devious and has objectives not disclosed. I would find no comfort in a defense system provided by the muslim-in-chief.


John: That is the fear of many in Israel. The intelligence collected from the x-band radar is not shared openly with the Israelis.


@ John:

That is the fear among the average Israelis. But the US forgets one thing, they would be trying to occupy a nation in which 95% of the men in the country are reservists of the IDF.

Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya; The US would be fighting every person in the nation. Not just an untrained, untried Military.


I do not suspect an occupation and certainly not US aggression against Israel. After election day, before Obama was sworn in he dismissed Bush's concern that Iran was working on nuclear weapons. He put the notion to bed. Now there is clearer evidence that Iran is refining bomb grade nuclear materials. And now he would put Israel to sleep - suggesting the defense system will offer protection. All the while providing Iran with more time to complete their work. And if/when Iran seeks to fulfill its promise to wipe Israel off the map - then Obama would simply turn tail and leave Israel to solve its new, bigger problems.

I take some comfort in believing that Israel can and will protect itself. As in the US society there are some Israelis who can be considered warriors and some pacifists. As pointed out, the majority of those in Israel would fall into the warrior class.

Obama's actions are most likely to manifest as deceitful. He will break promises to Israel rather than to attempt an overt action. He will smile and offer friendship with one hand while simultaneously handing Iran the time it needs to secure nuclear weapons.


I don't believe there is any intention to occupy or attack Israel. The intentions are good, to help protect Israel and give them a warning should Iran attack. We cannot blame Israel for being suspicious about any intelligence retrieved and not shared with them though.

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