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February 20, 2012


Grouch at Right Truth

I'd like to add the religion of Islam to the list.


I agree and will add any nation that is Muslim. Because they seem to hate anyone that isn't a part of their cult.



First of all, US must define who are its friends...

You will be surprised to find out how short the list is!...

Much shorter then the other one...



I would say Iran, but they would'nt be near as problemsome if they did'nt have China as their main benefactor. I'm gonna say China as No# 1 Not only are they rapidly expanding and modernizing their military , they have taken over economically. And it's only because we let em. We let them practice unfair trade policies with nary a word from the village idiot in the white House. For example youtube is'nt allowed into the chinese market, yet we let youku (chinese copy) trade on the NYSE. They subsidize their industries massively and they now own "us" economically. Next they will push militarily. They already have started to expand into the south China sea , and it's only a matter of time before that matchbox goes off. North Korea is nothing without china, in fact they would have ceased being a problem years ago if not for the chinese. Pakistan also benefits from assistance from china. Chinese PLA generals are masters of Sun Tzu philosophy ...being No#1 economically is only the first battle. There are many more to come.


FAO anyone other than PALADIN

My original earnest question to him , which is lost way at top of thread -

How can his man Santorum become POTUS, when to swing voters they will never vote for a very right wing candiddate in a general election. And swing voters are crucial.

Any hope of defeating Obama is to 'hold your nose' and back Romney.

A stance the Grouch at Right Truth at his place has said he'll never do, for example.

I respect him sticking to his guns , but from his/your point of view surely you'd rather have Romney as possible POTUS, than back Santorum , stay 'true' , but have Obama as POTUS again ?


Too late here - posted above on wrong thread - will repost correctly.


That's China , not china, village idiot PALADIN.

But you're right on one thing - China will take over the world in EVERY aspect.

It's inevitable. It can't be stopped now.
Just learn to live with it.
You can't be top dog for ever.
History teaches us that.

Greece, Rome .... UK, USA, China and who knows after that - India ? World Islamic Union ?

I know most top dogs think they will be for ever, but make the most of it now while USA still no.1 superpower.

I'll save you the bother <---- IDIOT etc.


DemocratsAbroad <----- ETERNAL IDIOT. (and vile anti-semite )


PALADIN <--- eternal bore, and village idiot
(and vile Islamophobe)


@DemocratsAbroad <-----ETERNAL IDIOT. ( says i'm a eternal bore...yet he copies me to a "T" ! LOL ! imitation is the highest form of flattery ! LOLSSSSS ! :)))))


You don't understand sarcasm do you - British art - don't flatter yourself village idiot , and vile Islamophobe.

And when trying to communicate with retards you often have to speak their language to get a reaction from them.

QED . Quad erat demonstrandum (Which was to be shown) (Proved- used in math proofs)


DemocratsAbroad <---- ETERNAL IDIOT. ( calls me an idiot, yet comes running like a good puppy when i post ! hahahahahahahaaaaa ! ( is'nt copying me now....i wonder why? LOLSSSSS ! WIN ! hahahahahahaaaaa !

Grouch at Right Truth

This is like high school all over again.


Snake Hunter Sez,

* Shi'a, Salafist & Sunni where ever you find them... it's the tri-headed monster that has never ceased its continuum of wars against the heathens, pagans, and non-believers for 1400 years.

Let's get something straight:

Islam Is Not a Religion, it's a death cult, and the Qur'an is not a guide to peace & love, it is a Manual of War. - reb

___ ___


Oh you are a low level IQ moron.

I explained my copying you - Sarcasm - DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT -
Americans in general don't understand SARCASM , and it's very hard to replicate via a keyboard.
It means you say one thing but another meaning underlying - too subtle for the average American to grasp, as they're not used to it.
It's being rude about someone by taking the piss - being rude - whatever I don't speak english American , so difficult to explain.

And if winning is the thing , I think I got that on the other thread, when explained re Debbie Hamilton.

Explaining anything to you is like explaining calculus to my cat - trying to explain SIMPLE things to our reident Canadian/American village idiot.

Just because I post SARCASTICALLY in one comment, doesn't mean I'm going to use your <---- all the time - UNLIKE YOU with your robotic replies. Try and be original , difficult I know for a soldier, used to taking orders.

Well at least now you're engaging sort of , but all I originally wanted was a discussion on Santorum , but if I want that I'll have to go and re-read my useful exchange with Grouch at his place.

And you come running like a puppy every time I post with your <--- thing which I've seen you use months ago on here. try and be ORIGINAL.

You really are of low intelligence , seriously . And they gave you heavy duty weaponary ? Most low level military are as thick as shit, all brawn and no brains, because they can't get a proper job. Ring true with you ?

Glad Barack cutting military savagely and will do further in his next term.


DemocratsAbroad <--- Still the Eternal IDIOT. (Owned by his American Master) (Me) ha ha ahahahahahahahahahahaaaa ! as they say in merry ol England....nighty Nite ! :))))))))


P.S. ....SANTORUM IN 2012 !!!!!!!!!! The best choice for President since Reagan !


Snake Hunter Offers This:


Allah's Apostle said:
"I have become victorious with terror." - Bukhari, vol 4, book 52, 220


"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and his Messenger (Muhammad) and strive for mischief in the land is...
execution, or crucifixtion, or cutting off of hand and foot from opposite sides, or exile from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter. - Qur'an 5:33
___ ___


You call me a puppy PALADIN ,because I reply to you quickly, as I happened to be on the righttrurh page when you posted and there you are doing the same thing, replying to me quickly.


Owned by his American Master ??? WTF ??
You are deluded.

Granted I've wasted a lot of time posting but I enjoy making you look stupid to any right minded liberal lurker reading my posts. Mike are you there lurking ?

Note you've given up robot replies on the other thread, because I clearly made you look dumbass there.

Your 'Master' comment displays the worst of USA - want to be an empire - British Empire was bad, American current imperialism even worse.

I hope the Chinese make a better shot of being in charge, but doubt it.

Or even the 'muslimes' as Islameophobes like you call them.

The fucking Jew scum now that would be the worst possible world leaders.

Proudly an anti Semite.

Right Wing Theocrat

I'm surprised that Iraq and Afghanistan are on the list, perhaps Afghanistan since the taliban are still strong there, but i don't see Iraqis actively seeking to attack America or assist others in doing so.

I'm not sure that the Chinese can be considered enemies either. i know they're not friends and are happy to take pot shots at you, being totalitarian communists and all that, but seeing as how they're holding most of your debt and you are their biggest customer for all the crap they make, it would be foolish of them to actively attack and damage America.


America's worst enemies? You're all looking too far afield. I'm far less afraid of any given countriy than I am of the following maladies:
1. Religion of all kinds
2. Poor education system
3. Environmental degradation
4. Lack of investment in infrastructure
5. Political pandering to the lowest common denominator
6. Jersey Shore and Keeping up with the Kardashians


DemocrastAbroad <----ETERNAL IDIOT. (and vile anti semite)...and still owned by his American Master. (Me) LOLSSSSSS !!!


Where I live dogs generally run free. One particularly aggressive dog often confronts me and is kept at bay only by a stick and constantly facing him as I retreat down the road. One day two of the local dogs joined the more aggressive dog and while I faced off the aggressive dog one of the less aggressive (and even friendly when alone) dogs began to circle me. I had a stick and a rock in my hands. I threw the rock at the dog circling me hitting him on the nose. He took of yelping. Why? Why hit the least aggresive dog? Simple. He was going to get behind me and would do out of instinct what dogs in a pack do and I would be both injured and distracted by the least aggressive dog and this would open up my defense against the real threatening dog. So which dog was most dangerous to me (or my worst enemy)? The aggressive dog that I understaood and could hold at bay or the more friendly dog circling for an advantage?

We are about to experience a sea change in world dominance. We have been playing king on the mountain for 70 years and we have grown tired of struggling to remain the king of this mountain. We are either going to abdicate our position of world leader or we are going to get thrown off the mountain. Since the other players are not as benign as we are it will not end well once Russia or China become the new world lone super power. Russia is palying this game by (not so) new rules that involve getting us to waste or energy and resources on numerous world hotspots (weakening our defense) AND by pushing a surrogate (Iran) into the game to distract us and make us vulnerable to a sudden and violent attack. This is a risky tactic with a 50/50 chance of success UNLESS they were able to place someone in our government at the highest level to make sure we willingly disarmed and diminished our defenses. And as we can all see they have done that. Given the risk that they will lose this high placed "stooge" the next pahse of this game must take place before the next president takes office. Goodby and good luck, it has been a great 236 years...


@GoneWithTheWind Love your comparison of the attacking dogs to the situation we face today here in the USA. BUT DON'T GIVE UP HOPE ! We have to get rid of this turd in Nov , that occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As soon as we vote him out, the economy will begin to recover, and the New President (hopefully Santorum ) will usher in a new era of American leadership, and i dare say it may be reminiscent of 1980 when Reagan took office ! Remember when Carter was President? Everyone thought we were done then too......But it did'nt take long before American Greatness surged again ! A New President will give America hope, and Happy Days will be here again.


Mike - 'spot on' as ever.

I knew I could rely on you to give some good, relevant and pertinant answers.

The paranoid conspiracy theoryist,(probably Alex Jones show fans), righttruthers are so compelling to watch and ridicule.

Their almost comical, to a European anyway slavish devotion to bronze aged myths and totally pathetic
aversion to addressing the far more dangerous threats you list.

Yes 911 was a tragedy, but 3000 killed, and the trillions spent to 'resolve' the 'issue' - what a waste of money.

Should have spent it on the things you list.

People such as Grouch who I do have some respect for , an intelligent man and highly educated doctor , yet at 'his place' grouchatrighttruth.blogspot.com - he rails against any possible suggestion that we might be causing global warming ?!

Anyway keep commenting even if they ignore you or give robotic responses.


DemocratsAbroad <----- ETERNAL IDIOT...and still trying to tell Us Americans how to live and vote...*YAWN* (and vile anti semite ! Nighty Nite ! LOLSSSSSSS ! ! !


No worse than a real Canadian pretend American doing same.

Sllep tight.


I'm starting to enjoy the conversations. I even toyed with the idea of contributing some modest funding through Paypal so that I couldn't be accused of taking a free ride.

But then I realized that Paladin probably doesn't donate to the ACLU so I'll just consider it even. :) That’s ok – I’ve been downrange with Canadian soldiers a few times. We could do worse for northern neighbors. Hell, some of the brightest Americans turn out to be Canadian. Still trying to get my head around that one.


Watch yourself Mike you run the risk of being labeled IDIOT #2 or such.
Although the other day a few other lurkers came out of the woodwork and were labeled IDIOTS #2 #3.
I'm hono(u)red to be PALADIN's ETERNAL IDIOT etc., but now he thinks he 'owns' me !?
He is so deluded , but then I'm being unkind, why should he not be deluded re me, as his whole Judeo Christian belief system is deluded beyond belief.

Such a relief to have a conversation with another liberal on here.

Try freethoughtblogs.com - especially PZ Myers pharyngula - random ejaculations of a godless liberal 60,000,000 hits when on www.scienceblogs.com - we have wingnut imposters over there and they get pretty short shrift !

What PALADIN doesn't realise is the more people like him despise me , the more comfortable that makes me feel !

Very good of you re paypal , but you're right you're even.

Yes I like Canadians, apart from their continued attachment to 'my' silly Queen Elizabeth II. I am a Republican in that respect.

Bring on the Republic of England !


@Snake Hunter: You note:
"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and his Messenger (Muhammad) and strive for mischief in the land is...
execution, or crucifixtion, or cutting off of hand and foot from opposite sides, or exile from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter. - Qur'an 5:33"

May offer 1 Samuel 17:46: "This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down, and cut off your head; and I will give the dead bodies of the host of the Philistines this day to the birds of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel."

I'm not sure I can tell the difference between either of these peace loving religions. Edumacate me.



There is an even bigger definition to the top dogs. First it was bacteria, then it was plants, then the dinosaurs, then the hominids, now the humans, we may thing we will be the top dogs forever but in the way the world's going it looks like our end may come sooner rather than later.


I think North Korea is definitely a top enemy of the us. They are constantly threatening to bomb us, and they are really just stupid idiots who always are wanting war.

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