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February 06, 2012



Torture! So is waterboarding three terrorists that resulted in getting enough information to find 300 terrorists and break up plots to attack the U.S. torture? I mean compare what Syria is doing with what the loony tunes were calling torture when we waterboarded three murders. Can we now agree that waterboarding, while not a good thing, is NOT torture?


An Old Snake Hunter Wonders...

Why are we warehousing KSM in Guantanimo for ten years, in relative comfort, when that fat, hairy pig has admitted his role in the murder of 3,000 innocents at the WTC
Towers on 9/11/2001?

Justice delayed is justice denied. - reb
___ ___


It occurs to me that if we had a choice about this, it was made years ago. The current Irani regime is not popular in Iran w/ the natives. But, like here, the natives have lost their vision due to comfort. So a surgical removal of the Irani leaders and a crippling strike on their nukes could conceivably allow Iranis to restore some common sense in their country. No boots on the ground needed. Covert yes, traitorous Iranis yes, Israeli and US military cant say because nobody would fess up. Russia, India and Pakistan upset, yes, but they dont want the Iranis either but dont want to go on record as saying so. With all that I guess we could back up the calendar a little, but removing 80% of our Federal pork barrel and letting Americans and foreign nations do it on personal initiative sounds a lot better than politics as normal for the post Reagan days. America needs to feed cloth educate and remake its children in Americans not ethnic diverse people with special rights. Black, Yellow, Red , brown or white everyone the same or leave.


GoneWithTheWind: I don't consider the few that we waterboarded being tortured. Our soldiers submit to waterboarding as part of their training. It worked when used with the terrorists, especially KSM.

reb: KSM has not had his hearing/trial yet because the Liberals insisted over the years that he be brought to the US, New York City, for trial, with all the privileges of a US citizen.

The American people made their feelings known and hopefully the hearing will go forward soon.

Brian: I agree, no boots on the ground. We are already involved in covert operations, so is Israel and perhaps other countries.

Taking out Iraq's nuclear facilities, and also taking out Syria's nuclear facility, which is what Israel did, was a good thing. If we can dismantle Iran's facilities someway, put them back 10, 20 years that would do the job.


I see nothing wrong with waterboarding, it's useful and it doesn't leave any kind of permanent damage. Compared to what our enemies do to American soldiers, civilians and even children. That's a walk in the park.

And all Egypt got was a stern warning from Hilary Clinton. What an idiot. These are not kindergartners misbehaving.

Always On Watch

For all the alarms sounded since 9/11, our leaders are proceeding down the road of deliberate blindness.

I read the other day that Obama has agreed to all of the Taliban's conditions for "peace talks."

The Taliban Islamomaniacs sense weakness. They are right on that score.

And now here comes Iran with the likely launch of a nuclear warhead.

"What rough beast now slouches toward Bethlehem?"

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