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February 03, 2012


The Watcher

His lack of action isn't that surprising - this is the same guy who wouldn't vote for a bill saving the lives of children who survived abortion attempts.


Does'nt suprize me that the head turd in the White House does'nt care about Syria. After all, they are Israels arch enemy right? And given his track record on relations with them it's clear he's no friend of Israel. The worthless puke would'nt want to offend the Russians and the Chinamen either.He is a total waste of skin and precious oxygen. And the whole Arab spring thing ahs turned out to be nothing but a bunch of bullshit. Now we got Egypt with the Muslime brotherhood dirtballs soon to take power. Barrys Rosa Parks moment is turning into a big fat lie, as usual.


Given the mess Egypt and Libya are now, it's probably best if the novice in the white house stays out of Syria.

He doesn't understand that if you want to meddle in the affairs of another state and still want a desirable outcome for yourself, you need to put boots on the ground, not just bomb from the air and slink away afterwards.

obama is a pale shadow of his predecessor. The fact that he constantly derides and blames him is proof enough that he can never rise to the same level. Here's to hoping the young man is sent home soon. Him and his cadre of petulant tweeners.

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