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February 29, 2012


R.J. Godlewski

This is where I wanted to post my disgust.

I think that maybe I should start including medical ethicists on my personal "targeted killing" wish list.

Take note, people, I value children's lives more than ANYONE else's.


That's what I figured, R.J., but I didn't want to presume...

It is pathetic, that this is what happens once you start down the road of killing babies, where does it stop? Apparently it doesn't in some people's minds

R.J. Godlewski

I know, and judging by some of the comments at the original article, many people see no wrong with this.

As Prof. Peter Kreeft wrote back in 1990, the Brits already call this the "Post-Christian" era.

Just goes to show you what happens when you remove God from your life. Sooner or later, anyone or anything takes his place.

Call me foolish, but I still say that that "one" or "something" is Satan.

Wonder how much of these 'ethics' is predicated upon Islam's "mercy killings"?


Does'nt suprize me that this came out of Oxford U. Thats what happens to a country thats had 50 + years of humanistic Socialism/Liberalism. The fact that the UK is going down the toilet bowl and will probaly be controlled as a Caliphate in 30 years is no secret. Hopefully we can vote that turd we got , out in Nov because he's taking us down the same damn path.

Mystical Time Traveler

In the case of these 2 morally corrupt bastards Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva you don't become a person until the age of 80. Let the killing begin!


Look at what is happening in Syria, little children, specifically boys, are being killed, tortured physically and sexually. Look at any Islamic/Arab nation and you see the same thing.

You also see little girls being force to under cliterectomies, even in places like Holland with large Muslim populations. It is torture.

You slide down the heathen anti-Christian road and this is what happens

Right Truth


I'm not surprised. In the coming years they will seek to make pedophilia and bestiality as acceptable as they have made homosexuality.

Susan Benton

Doesn't surprise me either that this is coming out of Oxford. The universities have completely rejected their historic role as producing leaders and thinkers, now it is all 'let the good times role', history doesn't matter, and whatever is convenient. Disgusting. I have no problem with seeing this turds 'offed' - think I'll go watch a movie where the bad guys die and the good guys get away with dealing with some human monsters.

Mike accolyte

RJ -'"targeted killing" wish list'

Homeland security - you may be interested in RJ Godlewski, if he's not on your radar already, he fits many of your profiling criteria for a domestic terrorist.
Gun worshiping tea partier , lives in Michigan, always banging on about the Constitution's arcane areas, and now he's posting about targeted killing wish lists.

Mike accolyte 2

I prefer my cats to brats , but then I am a proud atheist !

Mike acolyte 3

Well done Oxford University.

You put the great in Great Britain.

And ain't it funny how the more wacko your prolife stance is the more pro death penalty your stance is ?


"As Prof. Peter Kreeft wrote back in 1990, the Brits already call this the "Post-Christian" era."

ABSOLUTELY true. And one of the many reasons I love living here.

Grouch at Right Truth

Hell is growing hotter by the day.


As you quoted yourself at your place, Grouch - I paraphrase- Being with Christians for eternity (heaven) would be most atheist's (including this one's) idea of HELL. Still enjoying Morbid Stangers whilst on this mortal coil.


DemocratsAbroad..aka Mike acolyte 1 2 +3 <----- Still An Eternal Idiot, and still posing as other idiots....Pathetic ! LOLSSS !


Nice to see PLADIN still autoresponding as boringly as before zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


That's PALADIN - but it's a stupid christian soldier name however you spell it ,

who will no doubt boringly claim he 'owns me' .

Grouch - I'm butting out of the 'high school name calling' NOW, even if PALADIN doesn't.

Right Wing Theocrat

"Just goes to show, when you pass a law that it is OK to kill a baby in the uterus, it is a very slippery slope to killing them outside the uterus."

Exactly. Which is why we should resist these moves at every turn. Give them this and next they'll be marching the disabled into cattle trucks, nazi style.

On and on it'll go, these types are never sated.

Right Wing Theocrat

@Mike - "I prefer my cats to brats , but then I am a proud atheist !"

Cats ey, no kids, i'm glad to hear that.

Oh and what's there to be proud of?

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