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February 17, 2012


The Watcher

The crying part, well, I'm pretty forgiving depending on the age of the child and whether or not the parents make an effort to comfort/shush them.

Kids running all over the place with no parental supervision? Hey Mom, Dad? This ain't the playground, and this ain't your yard (or the street in front of your house); watch your kids or take them home.


It sounds like the parents were letting the kids get away with murder.


Nothing i hate more than unruly kids in Restaurants. If the parents don't anything about it, i give em a stare of my war face, or what i call a Freddy Krueger leer. That usually quietens em right down.


Paladin: I do the same thing, I give the kid AND the parent my mean face, I just stare until they get the message and turn away.

Also, I have asked the waitress to seat us in another table, to move us, away from the screaming kids.

Susan Benton

Good. This needs to be said, and often. Too many parents think they should be 'friends' with their children, or permit them 'to express themselves.' Rubbish. I applaud the owner of this restaurant.

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