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March 06, 2012



This is a spectacular post!


Deb i'm gonna steal this for my site. People need to know about ALL he's done to try destroy Christianity.

Zahid Ahmed

Obama should be praised at all Mosques in this country.

You people are correct.

Our man Obama is the Mancurian Candidate - He has to pretend to be a Christian , but he is as Muslim as I am.

Right Wing Theocrat

It's a good point, he's anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. Presumably because they stand in the way of his collectivist and morally-wanting agenda. He will take a dim view of the others too, should they get in the way i think.


It was Reagan himself who declared the Afghan mujahideen the moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers. Of course, you know that many of them went on to become the Taliban. And that one of them was OBL, himself. Shall I conclude, based on the arguments above, that Regan was anti-christian, if not a muslim sympathiser?

Always On Watch

Excellent compilations of facts -- all showing exactly what Obama is!


Paladin I didn't realize you had a website. Thanks for sharing that and sorry I didn't already know.


@ Mike <--- Eternal Idiot.... aka DemocratsAbroad...or SeatonDella....Reagan said no such thing, Your full of S$%T. Still waiting for you to post a video of yourself in the USA. And don't bullshit about being a veteran. Most veterans i know , never brag about wounds they received...they don't even mention em unless asked. Well boy, go shoot that video of your hometown here in the USA...Lets see if your really an "American" . I know how you limeys operate ..especially limeys with a socialist stripe.

The Watcher

I knew he was bad, but this compilation is absolutely terrifying.

And I'm linking you.

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