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March 02, 2012



Snake Hunter Sez,

Hell Hole # Seven: Chicago,

where a "Neighborhood Organizer" and his terrorist buddy Bill Ayers, and with some Saudi connections get to Harvard, then to the Oval Office by fraud and deception, and millions from George Soros, rather than merit, and where a corrupt chicago slumlord (Valerie Jarrett) becomes the president's "Senior Advisor" on all 'sensitive matters', so O-bla-bla can fly off to vacations in Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard to prepare for the up-coming election on november 6th!

You doubt it? That's o.k.

Read Snake Hunter's March 1st Post, "A Mosaic" it's only seven pages stuffed with the fact-based evidence! - reb
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Frederick William Dame

Hell Hole Six: Chicago, where politics is a swamp and those in it Democrats!

Hell Holwe Seven: Washington, D.C. under the Obama regime.

Frederick William Dame


It's no secret EVERY MUSLIME country is a hellhole. Thats what happens when you have a religion based upon a demon , rather than the true and living God. I asked a Syrian Fella a few days ago about whats going on there, and he said don't get any hopes up, they will just replace Assad with another despot. Seems to be the Muslime way !


Snake Hunter Sez,

Let's be clear...Islam is NOT a religion by any realistic standard. For 1400 yrs it has proven itself to be a suicidal Death Cult, and it's so-called holy book is a guide to murder, rape, pedophilia and physical mutilation of non-believers
classified as heathen, pagan, and infidel, and the "Holy Qur'an" is Manual of War.

If you read the history of Shiite, Salafist and Sunni you will easily understand it; if the majority of our citizens are "too busy" to read it, you can kiss this great nation goodbye, forever.

We are one generation away from oblivian; the rats are breeding faster that we can kill them. - reb
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