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March 22, 2012


Jenny the Pirate

Sounds like another plan to brainwash children that all their needs will be met by the government. All they have to do is get in lockstep and toe the party line. Hitler Youth. What kids NEED is chores and responsibility and hard work. All kids hate it, as you did. I hated my chores and my kids hated theirs, but we did them and we're better off for it. But that's a conservative work ethic and liberals hate it. They'll answer to God for their wickedness.

R.J. Godlewski

My family has involved farmers and outdoorsmen since at least the 1700s and I like to think that once they came over here to America, they helped grow a country.

Sara herself grew up on a tobacco farm and while I would not like to have had experienced her particular hardships, I believe that such responsibilities enabled her to withstand some of the most egregious challenges any individual human could endure.

Obama the Great Community Organizer probably never set foot on a real farm in his entire life -- and then only to spread something besides the weath.


Just more social engineering from this low life chicago turd ! What an a-hole ! i guess he would have had my father arrested if it was the late 60's and all through the 70's. My Dad taught me a lot on the ranch, i was pulling a set of harrows in front of him , when i was 8 years old with a W-6 Mc Cormick, while he was seeding our oat and barley crop. Not to mention when a cow or yearling got loose, i would ride after it with my sister. Does that idiot honestly believe farmers and ranchers in America are gonna give a goats ass if he signs this into law ? The longer this turd stays in power, the more stupid i see him to be...he's an imbecile !

Always On Watch

Is there no aspects of our lives into which government will not interfere? Sheesh.

Always On Watch

Um, "aspects" should read "aspect." Sorry.

Always On Watch

Linked at my site:


Right Wing Theocrat

For liberals, regulation and taxes are the answer to everything. And if there is no problem to be address, tax and regulate anyway.

I don't think anyone wishes for children to be working their backsides off on a farm, we would all like children to be children, but most of us understand that reality is quite different to our wishful fantasies.

If the farmer can't survive without his/her children pitching in and so long as it ain't slave labor or something, so be it. I suppose for liberals, they'll put forward that the farmer should shut the farm down and move onto the welfare queue.


More lies and fear mongering by loony wingnuts. Get a life.


Libtards really want to get all the marxism in they can while their boy's in place.


@RightWingTherocrat I agree with you about the part kids being kids. My father gave me a heifer each year , till i leaft home, and all the heifers that gave birth to a heifer , i kept. When i left home in 1981 to join the Army i had a herd of my own that numbered 30 some head. Not bad for an 18 year old kid. Not to mention each year i had a 4-H steer my folks gave me to feed and fit, and then sell at the 4-H Auction. Usually i got anywhere from 900 to a 1000 dollars for them. I'd split it with my mom for helping me and driving me to my baseball games even though she insisted she only wanted a couple hundred. Thats where i learned if you work hard , the rewards are good !


I guess Obama thinks kids shouldn't be taught to work hard for a living. He thinks they should learn to sell drugs on the street corner and get on welfare. Thats the side of the track he comes from

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