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March 10, 2012


Grouch at Right Truth

36 subjects? Laughable!

The Watcher

OTOH, if racism is a 'disease' (which will be the next illogical conclusion these 'researchers' will jump to), now racists can whine, 'It's not my fault, I'm SIIIIIIIICK!'

R.J. Godlewski

Isn't this the same university where ethicists said that parents can kill their own children???


Snake Hunter Opines:

There will always be racism. The most overt occurred in 2008 when over 96 percent of our Black People voted SKIN over MLK Jr's call to vote for the "Content of a Man's Character" over the color of his skin. Hah! Nobody was listening, and we chose badly!


and dicrimination against against "lesbians & gays", and I've Never Understood why two hairy-legged men must think it's fun to jump in bed for 'Sex Games", and why this odd phenomina is fair game for Evangelicals to whip up emotions at election time about the Contraception Pill.

IRAN Wants The Bomb, And We Stupid Americans Buy Muslim OIL at $110 per barrel. Explain that!

Long after the elections are past, faggots will be kissing in public, blacks will be voting Black, and Catholic & Protestant Adult Women Wiil Be Swallowing "The Pill" by the Billions.

___ ___


Can we get a prescription for Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Jessie Jackson?

Liberal Bias 

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