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March 24, 2012


Rhymes With Right

Imagine if the Tea party put out a "Wanted Dead Or Alive" poster on Obama for his failed policies. How long do you think it would be before arrests were made?


The scum of the earth Black Panther Terrorist dirtballs got the license to do this yesterday when that low life turd in the white house made his speech about this case. Nothing suprizes me about this Black tyrant anymore. Can you imagine whats going to happen when he loses the election?.....The National Guard and Police better start practicing their riot control procedures now.

Always On Watch

Get ready for the coming race war.

No matter what the evidence, Zimmerman has been tried and convicted by the black community and the mainstream media.

Also, I read this morning that Spike Lee has tweeted Zimmerman's home address. Can you imagine? What's his family supposed to do now? Assuming that he has a family. I haven't read any material on that issue.


You just stirred a thought that I haven't seen anyone discuss... the gun, and whether Martin knew Zimmerman had one and whether he tried to wrestle it away from him in the scuffle. If the two actually got into a physical altercation, and the evidence said they did, then it's reasonable to assume that the gun could have been used against Mr Zimmerman.

Right Wing Theocrat

If it had been some white group doing this to get a black shooter, you can be sure everyone from interpol to the secret service would be investigating and saturating the area. However as it's blacks doing this, all good, they're justified, nothing to see, move along.

The silence from obama on this speaks volumes. He was quick to insert his thoughts when white police arrested a black man breaking into his own house as it turned out, he should do the same here, but to calm these angry people down.

Always On Watch

Please see my post today.

If what I've found is accurate, something very ugly is afoot!

Spergy Nergens

Everyone it's picking on you. You are not paranoid. They really are.

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