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April 30, 2012



In the mid/late 90's, I used to see these guys preaching on street corners in NYC. They also had a public-access cable show, where they ranted and raved for an hour, multiple times a week. My friends and I would crack up at these so-called Jews espousing racial hatred and revolutionary warfare in barely literate, sophomoric terms.

Those were more innocent times. These guys are nuts, and are capable of anything...

R.J. Godlewski

I'd call them cannon fodder...


Jerseynut: Thanks for that. I'm sure I must have run across something about them in my life, but they didn't register on my radar I guess.

With the race situation the way it is, and checking out some of their writings and videos, they may have some slight increase in membership. But I'm not too worried about them. I'm more concerned with the followers of folks like Al Sharpton.



Also should have added groups like the Black Panthers etc.

Right Wing Theocrat

Never heard of these people, I guess you get all kinds of extremist and vile groups out there.


Unbelievably weird. Some people need to get a life.

Gianni Tosca

Black Hebrew and their many off-shoots are racist hate groups. They attempt to use the Bible (FAIL) and pseudo-historical evidence to legitimize their demonization of Whites, Jews, homosexuals, even Japanese people. Some (not sure how many) of them want to start a race war and enslave or kill the people listed above. They´re easy to find on youtube and their members are obviously uneducated...thus easy to brainwash with their filth.

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Patty Morris

When someone can prove these hebrew isrealites wrong, that's when they should put up a page on them. I listened to them preach. I didn't believe most of what they said, but not to be bias, I reasearched a lot of what they preach. Honestly most of what they say is true. The racism they preach is wrong. To condemn a entire nation due to what evil they or their forefathers committed is wrong. I believe as MLK said, a man should be judge by his character not his color. And I agree with H.I.M Haile SELASSIE when he said the color of a man skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes.

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