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April 09, 2012



Comment by Faultline USA http://faultlineusa.blogspot.com/ via email:


This is pretty frightening stuff. They may be doing it slowly but to my mind they are overrunning us with threats from every direction and we are frozen for want of a promising direction to turn. Additionally, nothing much will get we conservatives out into the streets.

End Quote


Botox Boxer can join the line of libtard marxists who can kiss my ass. This country doesn't have a president right now; only a fraud marxist pretender.

The Watcher

'Get all that? You are nothing more than a bunch of cattle, that need to be herded from one check point to another, stripped of your clothes, your dignity, willing to give up your freedoms and possibly Passports, and you are to stupid to be allowed to choose what foods you eat.'

To paraphrase the prophet Obama, 'We must be our brothers' keepers (read, jailers).'


Your article reminded me of a story my father told to me regarding the power of doing things "slowly."

I linked to you from Throwing a Body From the Eighth Floor and Destroying Freedom


Thanks bernie.

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