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May 06, 2012



All fine and good but - our politician-for-life republicans can not be trusted. For too long I have leaned on the fact that at least the republicans said the right things... We need real action to roll back big government and there is little reason to believe that will happen without term limits for senators and representatives.

Mystical Time Traveler

At the Age of 3 Julia is raped at Head Start.

Age 17: Dropped out at 15, been hooking ever since.

Age 18: Already has had 2 kids, expecting another. Never knew who the fathers are.

Age 22: Forced in to having an Abortion.

Age 30: Forced sterilization after having 10 children by 10 different fathers. No skills, no job, government will provide.

Dies at 40 from Breast Cancer. Treatment denied by bureaucrat.

Life of Julia: Worthless and wasted.


John: Yes we need to roll back big government. Unfortunately even our best and brightest young guns seem to push cutting "the growth" of the budget but rolling back doesn't seem to be on the agenda.

Mystical Time Traveler: OUCH! Too much truth in what you say for most readers.

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