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May 08, 2012



What I find mind-boggling is the number and frequency of supposed terrorist attacks thwarted by the fact that the plot was either a set-up by FBI or CIA or as in this case with a undercover asset. There is a pattern in all of this. I do not doubt that there are crazies out there. But, are they all as crazy as presented or are they simply willing dupes?


I find this not only mind-boggling but rather frightening.

And I wouldn't doubt for one minute if some of these terrorists weren't implanted with timed-release bombs.

We live in a very scary world.

R.J. Godlewski

Politicians just love to burn operatives. This is because politicians live for election cycles and could care less about others' careers or professions that may be on a lifelong need.

As for the "patterns" in the FBI/CIA sting operations. They are only nabbing the wannabes and fruitcakes. The U.S. does not possess the HUMINT capability to nab the guys that can wait out our bungling politicians.


John: We may never know the answer to that question. They are not all crazy by any means. Many are trained professionals, physicians, engineers, educators.

Leticia: Time released bombs, that would be bad. I didn't read anything about that but this particular bomb maker is one sneaky guy.


R.J.: The more I read I'm not sure if this guy could be used again or not. Certainly he cannot be used in Yemen or with any al-Qaeda connected to Yemen

Always On Watch

Was this outing deliberate?

It seems that this administration really is doing everything that it can to promote the victory of terrorist organizations.


Since Obama has not been shy about going after leakers it's likely they will pursue this one. We'll see how much backbone the AP has on reporter-source privilege, but my guess is that if the leaker is a conservative the AP will burn him/her to the administration. We'll see.


The big media is finally catching up to our concerns. A federal investigation is being conducted as to who did the leaking. The Left is trying to spin it as a "good" thing. If it turns out to be a Conservative who leaked, you can bet the Left will crucify them. On the other hand, there is talk that this was intentionally leaked by the Obama administration on the heals of the Osama bin Laden anniversary.

Time will tell

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