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September 10, 2012



How I wish, this could be taken to the courts or whatever has to be done to impeach this man and repeal and remove every bill he has ever passed and fire all of his czars and private militia.

Don E. Chute

Any and all of this will just fall on deaf lame stream media ears...All those involved will be labeled as 'birthers' and 'kooks'

Unfortunatly...Lets just vote the Turkey back to wherever his real home is in November..."WE CAN DO THIS!"

PLU from SSF


"Holding the reigns"? Yeah right. Anyone who makes that mistake loses all credibility.

(From someone who has getting obama out of office at the top of his list of desiderata. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening if Romney & Co. don't start fighting dirty.)


I think by this time everyone knows the birth certificate is bogus Obama's SS number is bogus and the list of fraud, unanswered questions and zealously defended secrecy is to obviously pointing at Obama not being born in the U.S. If Obama gets reelected I think it is possible that this house of cards will collapse and the general public and even our left leaning media will openly acknowledge that Obama is not a natural born citizen. It is at that point that we will face a constitutional crisis greater then anything we have faced in the past. At the very least Obama should be impeached. But it is reasonable and defensible that every law he has signed would be considered to not be legal and binding. Will we have a congress that would impeach Obama?

CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret

They will or they wont be working any longer....

Everything we do in this country is based upon the constitution, nothing else, not sharia law, nothing!

The Moment the birth cert is determined as fake, either "Mr. Obama" will resign, wait to be impeached or will force the issue with blood.

Nothing else would be better to drag our nation down, like he wants, than a civil war 2.0!

Pray that does not happen.

Pray that the American people see the truth and vote this individual out of Office on November 6th and then watch him like a hawk until January 21st, 2013!

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