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September 22, 2012


Susan Benton

Agreed! Good article. But I'd like to clarify a few facts.
There are are about 7,900,000 million people in Israel,of whom 5,900,000 are Jewish (13% of them are very, very Orthodox and do not serve in the army, do not have secular educations, etc.). There are close to 2 million non-Jews and approxiately half a million Jews who are not actually involved in "The Start-Up Nation" (a great book). So you are accurate to say 5 million Jews because this is the engine which drives the most remarkable country on the planet. Read the book named above and learn that Israel excels in patents, start-ups, technology etc. in so many quantifiable ways ISRAEL EXCELS ALL OF CONTINENTAL EUROPE and OFTEN EUROPE & BRITAIN COMBINED.

How the Jews, who are so smart could have ever voted for this dufus, dope-smoking Donkey to run the USA I don't understand. But we need to throw the bum out ASAP!

Right Wing Theocrat

The way it looks, obama is doing his very best to realize the dreams of the muslims who hate Israel.

Mark Adams

Excellent, EXCELLENT piece here from Jon!!!!
This hits to the heart of the whole point, IMO... "Peace follows Victory!"
Nothing less for Israel!


Snake Hunter Opines,

Sir Jon Underwood asks a question: Why Does This Keep Happening To Us?

Clearly, we are lacking professional leadership in the top echelons of our government.

The Oval Office has a "senior advisor" running Foreign Affairs Policy, plus other "sensitive matters", while the C-I-C is out campaigning for his re-election, plus playing some golf... and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is prancing around the middle east... with her 15 yr close friend and "personal advisor" a classy muslim lady in designer clothes, is not only a muslim, but whose mother & brother are well known affiliates of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood.

Let's hear the trumpets blast.. for Huma Abedin Weiner!

When U.S. Repr Michele Bachmann, who heads up the House Investigating Committee, attempted to look into Hillary's gal-pal "traveling companion" she was stifled by none other than Senator John McCain, from Arizona!

Is it possible... that we have a MB Espionage Agent looking at our most secret documents? Is Huma Abedin a Sleek & Lovely Spy...
for ISLAM? Is she the ultimate "Enemy Within"?


___ ___

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

Weird is Weird!

Huma Abedin Weiner, very close confidant, translator and aid to our own Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is just too close to the situation, and obvious "security risk" is still with Hillary.

She is in the very "back pocket" of Mrs. Clinton everyday and definitely is in the position that could benefit the overall goals of the Muslim Brotherhood!

When I worked for the Government, someone that was such an obvious security risk would not be granted access to someone as high in responsibility as the Secretary of State.

It was also in the governments best interest that "even the appearance of inappropriate contact or behavior" would be a line that employees could not cross. But Huma Abedin Weiner, (Yes, the Wife of the Representative Weiner!) is there everyday!

But here we are! Nonsensical I know but reality is in front of our very eyes!


@Jon Underwood and my friend Reb : Not only is Huma Abedin very dangerous, those that support her are as well....time for Mc Cain to head for the pasture where there's a nice big oak for shade and a clear brook running through .

AND the Head of Homeland Security has invited members of the Muslime Brotherhood into this entity as well .
I got a post on it and will give the link after i look it up.


Snake Hunter Sez,

The Question Remains... is Huma Abedin Weiner a Muslim Brotherhood Espionage Agent, or not?


___ ___


Snake Hunter Again...

Here's another small bit of info on now deposed jewish congressman Anthony Weiner and his smooth-as- glass muslim wife, Huma Abedin.

I could not help wondering if CPO Jon Underwood, and 3-Star General William Boykin both knew that these two unlikely lovers were married by...
President Bill Clinton?


___ ___


Just a side note regarding the Clintons, and possibly an explanation regarding Huma...some close confidants and friends of mine worked Clinton security details on Hilton Head back when Billy was president. They observed the following: The Clintons never stayed in the same place together, and both had female companionship coming and going all night. There is little wonder why Billy had his escapades in the Oval Office. Doesn't make it right, mind you, but it is pretty obvious that the whole marraige was and is a sham.
The security I mention here are local detectives who assisted the Sec Svc. Naturally, I will not mention names for several reasons.
OH...This might explain Weiner's actions with ... uh, well, his weiner. Just sayin'

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