October 22, 2012


Mystical Time Traveler

The Marines still use Bayonets and the Army uses horse and mules in Afghanistan. In fact the horses and mules get around better than jeeps.

Obama was the same old Blame Bush tonight.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

Now let me see....

This is the same guy that called a US Navy Corpsman "Corpseman".

This is the same guy that has shown his backside to all sorts of foreign leaders by bowing to them and showing them the back of head...

This is the guy that does not the difference between Army and Marines?

And in closing, this is the guy that says the fort hood shooting, and several other shootings of US Military personnel on US Soil is a workplace violence issue.

Obama is a loser and we had better get Romney or we are screwed!


Mystical Time Traveler: Excellent, I had actually forgotten about that. Obama was so arrogant and I know Romney was trying to look presidential and stay above the arrogance, but I do wish he had been stronger in his responses on Libya. Obama is guilty and 4 people are dead.


Glad you reminded me of the "corpseman", talk about somebody out of his league. Yes, bowing to every dictator around. After 4 years he is still uninformed about the military that he is CIC

R.J. Godlewski

I have just a couple of thoughts. First, I think that Romney just wanted to defuse any impact of this final debate, as if it had never happened.

Second, I watched a bit of Greta on Fox just before the rain knocked out my signal and could not believe that that guy who asked the Libya question during the second debate was still undecided. There is a significant gulf between the two candidates and yet people are still looking for a third alternative. Even if someone does not particularly like Romney, he would far better listen to America than Obama.

Finally, as for the Libyan fiasco and how the administration had been pushing the video angle. I wonder how many people within the White House are actually removed from the necessary security clearances to access the intelligence.

People do not realize that presidents (and their staff) are not automatically privy to the highest levels of information. Prior to Pearl Harbor, for instance, Roosevelt was removed from the intel loop because someone found confidential information in the trash or something.

I cannot imagine the IC saying "Okay, this guy was voted into office for 4 years, so let's give him knowledge of everything that we have been doing for the past twenty years and the names of every asset that we have on the books..."



I don't know how anyone can still be undecided either. It is a clear choice: four more years of Obama or somebody else, Romney happens to be the somebody else.

On the intel, I don't know. According to one report, all the communications between the consulate were distributed to State, I forget where else, and to the White House.

Of course we know Obama doesn't bother to attend his briefings, so ...

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