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October 12, 2012


Right Wing Theocrat

Wherever in the world, if the middle class is stupid enough to vote for the left, we end up paying heavily for it.

Ultimately everyone pays, from the rich to the poor. Only the rich don't feel it as much. The great irony is that the left come to power hating the rich and yearning to help the poor.


Me and the fiance discuss Obama's character a lot.
She took a criminal Profiling course taught by the FBI some years back, and one of the courses dealt with pedophiles and why they are .

A lot of pedophiles were molested when young and when they mature into adults they identify with this calamity that took place in their life...in short it becomes who they are.
She thinks Obama was probably molested when he was being mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, and thus identifies himself as a gay person.
Frank Marshall Davis was a known pedophile in the days before it was scrutinized in the public eye as it is today.

Most people who undergo such a trauma also have major character issues, i.e. narcissism , issues with telling the truth, etc.
She is of the opinion that Obama never having undergone treatment is probably a psychopath, especially when it concerns issues of telling the truth.


If you read Stanley Kurtz' book you'll understand the likely goals of these statists- destroying the suburbs, which is where the money and power lies around each city.

Of course the reason there are suburbs in the first place is because the Democrats who run the cities drive people-- of all races-- out of the city limits to escape crime, bad schools and overtaxation to feed their crony patronage systems.

Hardship Letters

I hate Obama, because he don't want students to have high quality education.

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