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October 03, 2012


mystere's moonbat slayer club

0bama surely made history when he got voted in: the first black President and the first "bi-sexual" President in office.

Mystical Time Traveler

In the white community this was done very often and called being in the closet.

It is time the homosexual community "out" the President.


No WONDER Chris Matthews gets tingles from Barry: they're LOVERS!!! Now pmsnbc's complete slutting themselves to Barry makes sense!

Roger Smith

Obama is somewhat gay-acting and lots of people have suspected he's gay or bi. I pretty much decided he was gay when I read that he broke up with a girl once by writing her their relationship was changing to ``the more quotidian, but finer bonds of friendship.'' Come on. Is that gay or what?


Excellent post ! Yes he is as queer as a 3 dollar bill, no doubt.

What i'd like to know is who Moochelle has to meet her needs if Barry is unable?.......On second thought, scrap that question :)

The question that begs to be answered is about the murder of his lover.
Man i'd like to hook him up to a lie detector, he'd probably short circuit the damn thing !


The report says the club would find the gay men wives that...

"no straight guy would want to marry"

hee hee



And that, Debbie, 'splains Moochelle ;-)


I wonder if Barney Frank has hooked up with Barry 0bama? On one hand, if he did, it could be ugly and bring him down this November. On the other hand, it would be quite gross to find out.


Maybe this is why barney decided to retire...the poop will hit the fan soon!


The gay people also need help to find someone to date. They could use the internet to find someone special.


I just linked this piece on the Blaze in a comment I made on Barry and the Rev Wright Down low mo club Debbie ;) My moniker there is Obamujahadeen by the way http://bit.ly/QXxBWz


Ray, thanks.


Johnny Peterson

Fuck Obama that fag should be kicked out of office at once ! No way should it be ok for the USA to have a GAY leader and Chife

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