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October 21, 2012


Susan Benton

As a White House history buff this all rings very true - I've read many, many biographies of Presidents and First Ladies.
Did anyone else notice that the Democrats were all 'bad boys" in one way or another (or several ways)and some of their wives were not so nice. While nothing bad can be said about the Republicans and their wives - at least about anything which would influence their work. Even Nixon's 'problematic' personality didn't cause problems until he got to the re-election (of course he must have known that Kennedy had stolen the election in 1960 - wonder how much that impacted him). On the whole we can be very proud of the Republican Presidents and ashamed of those in the Democrat Party.


Susan: The difference in the Democrats and the Republicans is clear. The Secret Service spends 24 hours a day, for 4 to 8 years with these presidents and their wives. They would know better than anyone what they are really like.

R.J. Godlewski

The common thread is that Democratic presidents have always been pretentious whereas the Republicans have always been honest to themselves (meaning that they represent themselves as who they really are).

The paragraph about Carter says a lot. I remember many years ago hearing about how the Russians, etc. viewed him as an oaf because he carried his own bags whereas Reagan appeared more presidential to them. That is the lesson; people NOTICE things despite from which nation they hail.


This was one good read !
I know a reired U.S. Park Police officer who was a motorman (motorcycle cop) for many years in DC.
He says when he used to go to the White House for a motorcade, the Clintons were always late and he said Hillary had a mouth on her like a drunken sailor.
She was known for yelling and cursing at poor Bubba whenever she saw fit.

Did'nt matter if there was people around or not.
He said she was a prime example of white trash and did'nt know how a woman of her background ever made it in life, let alone into the White house.


Oh one last thing, does'nt suprize me that Laura Bush was known as one of the nicest first ladies in the White House.
I don't think you could find very many women with her grace , class, and smarts. Not tomention good looks.

Cetainly the one who "Occupies" the White House now could take lessons from her, as Moochelle is the nastiest , ugliest, (in character and looks) who has ever been 1st lady.

I consider her "last" lady.

Mystical Time Traveler

Why doesn't this amaze me? I could see the type of people they are by their body language.

When the Romneys enter the White House they will be returning Grace and Style back to it.

Right Wing Theocrat

Funny how most of the democrats in that list were a bunch of assholes. Can't say I'm surprised though, the ones here are no different.

Look down on the brave and tough, but when the bullets start flying, dark stains spread down their pants as they look around frantically for someone else to give up their lives for them.

Frederick Wiliam Dame

Dear Readers!

I have to clarify something. I did write what appears at the beginning of the article. However, the pictures and the text was sent to me by Don Fredrick of THE OBAMA TIMELINE. In no way do I attempt to receive credit for something I did not do. I am not Barack Hussein Obama. The credit goes to Don Fredrick. It was an oversight on my part and it was not intentional. I herewith apologize.

Patriotic, Steadfast, and True

Frederick Williamn Dame


Frederick William Dame: No this error is mine, I should have made it clear you were just forwarding the information to me via Don Frederick.



Yeah I'm afraid I have a hard time believing that the D's are so bad however the R's are just a great bunch of people. Nixon? Really? The guy was a crook. This is what is wrong with our political system

Susan Benton

Yeah, well read a few biographies, look them up on line. As to Nixon - well crooks can treat people well and have good manners-these things are not incompatible. I think the point was that despite being a crook he was also moral-polite, gracious, decent (except the crook part). Lots of people excel in one or more ways but have serious flaws in others.
The point is that the people who knew them best, the Secret Service, noticed that some of them were frauds, angry, nasty,and totally horrible people. And it is quite noticible that the all the latter or D's.

Probably the reason the Dems really are so awful are 1)they are delusional, and 2) they reject the Cosnstition, traditional values, etc. There is a reason things become traditions - they work better that way (DUH). But Dems are always eager to rebel against all tradition.
REP are not against tradition, and for change. But you would never know it by the way you libs act.


I don't think they said Nixon was a great guy, I think I read, moral but after that, recluse, off, and odd. It sounded like the quietest WH out of the bunch. I was surprised to hear his family wasn't close. I am sorry, I never understood how the dems co-oped the party of women's rights. The leaders of the party have had notorious reputations of womanizing,sexual harassment, by their deeds alone treated their wives like trash. The Kennedy's sharing their women, one driving his date of a bridge and leaving her to die. Clinton must have had libido the size of Texas with copious affairs and harassment charges with the NOW gangers came to his aid over and over again! Unbelievable! Then there is the poster boy of loathsomeness John Edwards impregnating his lover while his wife was dying of cancer! Call me crazy but I seriously doubt the press would give cover to the republican Presidents indiscretions. So I have to believe it is true.

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