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October 23, 2012



What an insult to our veterans. "Sure we'll put you to work, just build roads for us."

And once again he was wrong about the military using bayonets and horses, we still use both. What a moron.


Yep his "Building Roads" comment about sums up what he thinks of those who safe guard our freedom.
Not that there's anything with buliding roads as i did this type of work when i left the Canadian Army in 1989.
But i aspired to learn more and soon did.

And there are MANY veterans who aspire to learn more, and who would like to go to Law School, Med School etc.
I've been thinking lately about why he's such a punk, and i've come to the conclusion that his white Grandparents felt sorry for him because his mother was basically a tramp and really did'nt want him , so they spoiled him rotten.

He never got to experiance much besides learning from his "mentor" Frank Marshall Davis and we know what he learned from him.
He led a life of privledge contrary to what he mouths and never had to gain any life experiance, like getting a real job and working hard.

He's lived off the taxpayer all his damn life !
Hell i doubt he even had to fight the schoolyard bully....maybe if he did , the asskicking would have taught him something, most notably not to be a mouthy punk.
His horses and bayonets comment epitomized him as a Punk....and a horses ass !

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