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November 04, 2012



Jon, if I read you correct, I disagree with you on this point "Mr. Obama is not at fault for the attack itself!"

Everyone knew for months and months that there was not sufficient security at the Consulate a/k/a the "mission".

We also know that what little security they had was removed, sent home, even after numerous pleas to at least leave the current security there, but preferably leave them there and send more.

Everyone also knew that there were (17?) different al-Qaeda and terror groups calling Benghazi home, and the numbers growing.

There is every reason that Obama knew and that Obama could have prevented this attack from happening - and failed to do so.

Had the consulate had sufficient security the attackers would have thought twice, they may have decided not to attack. And even if they had continued with their plans, the attack could have been thwarted before they got near the consulate.

Just my opinion.


Total agreement! "Since these many questions are not being answered by the Military, the CIA, the State department and the White House, everyone is deciding to bet their last Dollar on this administration." Reminds me of the gambler, betting his last dollar on a long shot! Little over two days the emperor has no clothes!


Jon i agree that this President is a total failure when it comes to fighting our enemies and protecting this country.
I'm of the opinion he is a traitor and one only look at his giving those filthy Muslime Pigs in Egypt one billion dollars of borrowed money we can't afford !
Jesus i'm mad , i have'nt been so angry since 1985.
These guys in Libya who were protecting our embassy were there sacrificing for us ! Dammit ! And that worthless Son of a B&*%h let them die ! he let them die ! The outcome could have been different, all the evidence is there.

One AC-130 could have circled that embassy and made those muslime pigs into ground pork !
I've seen an AC -130 and what they are capable of.
They can lay a carpet of fire completely circular and not have a round penetrate the inner perimeter, thats how accurate they are !
And i don't give a rats ass about collateral damage as far as a worthless Muslime turd goes.
If we had to kill 2 or 300 of the bas$%^Ds to save those SEALS and the ambassador , then thats what should have been done !
And this friggin media is perpetrating the biggest hoax in the history of this country...not a damn word of truth, complicit in the cover up of all the criminal activity of the last 4 years. DISGUSTING !

If i had a son, who wanted to join any branch of the Armed Forces , i'd tell him no, don't do it !
Don't friggin do it !

Don't do it while ANY Liberal is in power, because you'll be fed to the wolves.



(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.


My initial paragraph disclaimer makes it clear there are all sorts of qualifiers, if we listed all the things that we "Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda" done, we will be here all day.

There are 3 phases to a terror attack:

Aftermath and Response

Mr. Obama is not involved in the first one but he damn sure is involved and responsible for the last two! He could have done so much to safeguard our Consulate and its employees, He failed and he failed for political reasons, Shame on him!

Shame on any person who claim that they are Americans and still votes for this P.O.S.!

Yes, I said P.O.S.!

Susan Benton


One of the things I appreciate about your blog is that both the authors and the commentators are free to speak their minds. and CBPO Jon A. Underwood is exactly right - POTUS is a POS. Looking forward to replacing this race hustling anti-America scum with a real gentleman who loves his country.


Susan: Thank you for that.

I think it is good to allow free speech, everyone can express their views, as long as no threats are involved.

Jon does a great job, makes people think.

I agree with him and simply wanted to give him a chance to expand and clarify his statements for anyone that might have a question.

Every word written at Right Truth comes from the heart, no one gets paid a penny, I make no money, we have no advertisements to distract.

To all of our readers and commenters:

Thanks for your continued support and great comments. Much appreciated.


I dreamed that I woke up Wednesday morning and watched the MSM broadcast the arrest of BHO by the Joint Chiefs and performed by a SEAL Team. The announcement also included the eviction of the remainder of his kin and his destination would be GITMO.

Hey a Guy can dream can't he ?

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