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November 03, 2012



Couldn't find anyone with any rank that wasn't retired to back Romney? That seems sad I would think he would be popular at least with the war hawks, although I guess when you are all about starting another war the people who's actual asses are on the line aren't your biggest fans

Snake Hunter Sez,

Snake Hunter Sez,

"Obamahimself" is an obvious sleaze-bag fraud; active duty personnel will never comment publicly on anything political. - reb
___ ___


What a slap in the Face for Obummer !
It's not just Navy SEALS who hate the turd, it's the entire Armed Forces of the USA !
I met a young 82d Trooper who was home on leave a couple weeks ago, and this kid was maybe 20, 21 ? We got to talking over a beer at the VFW in Gettysburg and he told me EVERYONE hates Obama at Ft Bragg.
The only people who like him are the black troops, and they are a minority amongst the black troops at Ft Bragg.
He said after this latest fiasco in Libya, no one trusts him and they think he's weak and only has the time of day for the troops if there's a photo op in it for him.

To say the least , i was very happy to hear that , and it shows when you take the people who safeguard this country for fools, they are gonna have a pretty low opinion of you.
I can't write some of the words this young soldier said about the "turd in chief", but it was'nt pretty.

Susan Benton

So Obama got General Wesley ("the weasel") Clark to endorse him. HaHaHa! Clark was a Democrat Party presidential candidate in the 2004 race. He is co-chair of an ethanol (which of course is bad for your engine, and also bad for corn prices) lobbying group (I thought Obama didn't like lobbyist). His grandfather was involved in ward politics in Chicago in the 1920s. He claims he is a Democrat because he is pro-affirmative action, pro-choice and pro-education. So I guess that he doesn't know about the racism of the Democrat Party, thinks it is okay for a woman to kill her own child before it is born, and thinks that the country should pay for 'education' (the Germans were the most educated people in the world, but they supported Hitler and of course most 'education' today is indoctrination). What an ignoramous.


Other than the piece of crap obarryhimself -- an obvious meth-shooting lib of dubious antecedence -- anyone with a working brain can see what an abject, inept failure Barry's been as a so-called 'leader'. The military can see a genuine ass from any range.


If active duty military speak out and endorse, that is probably frowned upon.

R.J. Godlewski

Active duty personnel are, I believe, obligated to keep their political opinions to themselves. Furthermore, there may be some UCMJ restrictions against challenging the actions of their Commander-in-Chief.


Active duty can still speak with their ballot. I hope it's loud and clear ;-)

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