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November 24, 2012



I'm going to link to this...perhaps in my Sunday Faith Blog..
THis is so important and you can imagine it's not a sole (or one-off) story (it's a SOUL story, come to think of it!!) :-)
I could cry for these good people being bullied into paying for things repellent to them and their family and faith......as I cry for us as we have to see things like this.
I hope Hobby Lobby has enough money to take this to the SCOTUS. We need to pray for them.
thanks for this, Deb.
I hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving.xxx z


Breaks your heart doesn't it Z? This is what our country has come to?

Link away, give the Independent Sentinel



This is what libs have had wet dreams about: telling others to live the way libs want them to; yet libs are exempting their friends and allies, in droves. Welcome to command and control, lib-style. May Hobby Lobby succeed at the SCOTUS, before the marxist unpotus (he ain't my president) can gerrymander the SCOTUS to be his mouthpiece.


Maybe they should shut up shop and put a sign out the front saying it's thanks to obamacare. Sometimes the truth hurts and people ought to be hurt until they come to their senses.

It's a sad reality but most people will only wake up when the food from their table is taken due to their stupidity.

Snake Hunter Sez,

Multiple News Sources...
quoted today that 63 percent of college graduates believe that
The American Dream Is Dead;

I suspect that ObamaNation may have killed it! - reb
___ ___


This is truly sickening, and frightening.
All this from one man, who i pray everyday is stopped by the only power who can stop him.

Jesus our Lord.

I will be talking to my priest about this, and me thinks consecration in the form of prayer is what needs to be done.
But i am a mere man who is a sinner as well, and it will take the power of ALL Christians through prayer to see such a thing done.

If John Paul were here today on this earth i know he would consecrate this President and things would change, just as he prayed for consecration of the former Soviet Union and they were brought to their knees by the power of God.

This man needs the judgement that can only come from God All Mighty and we need the same judgement as a Nation.


This is how the progressive agenda works. It starts by redefining things.

Freedom of Religion morphs into freedom of worship, constraining it to only what goes on within the walls of a church, personal morality and religious beliefs be damned.

Snake Hunter Sez,

First we should determine if Barry H. Obama is indeed a "Black Liberation Chicago Christian" as he has claimed... or, as some serious researchers believe... that he is actually a 'Closet Muslim'.

Secondly, let's get something straight: Islam is a 1400 yr old kill-culture, a "death cult" and not a religion, by any modern standards; and their Holy Qur'an is a Manual of War... filled with satanic verses, and heavy with violent suggestions.
"Fight and slay the Pagans whereever ye find them, in every strategm of war".
Qur'an 9:5
Allah's Apostle said: "I have been made victorious with terror." - Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, #220
___ ___


Giving the employees the option of family planning isn't the same as forcing them to use it.... I wonder if it really boils down to the fact that it's hard to keep yarn prices down when you have to upgrade employee healthcare plans.

Wordsmith Leslie

How is it that requiring employees to follow your own religious beliefs is defined as religious liberty? When did that become a thing? What if an employer believed that organ transplants were not God's will (and I know some faithful who believe this) - would we want then to exempt the employer from offering that health coverage as well? Employers should leave decisions of appropriate health care in the hands of the employee and physician and the employee's faith.

New Attitude

Wordsmith Leslie you’re an idiot just like every deaf liberal I know. Let's turn your ignorant question around shall we.

"How is it that requiring private business owners to capitulate their own religious beliefs is defined as religious liberty?"

Deep down you really can't stand 'religious people' can you? I think all liberals are driven to orgasmic levels of pleasure when they can FORCE someone they don't agree with to do something against their beliefs. You all make me sick. My hatred for liberals and the misery I wish on them grows daily.

Now that I have vented a little let me rationally point out the obvious flaw in you argument. WHO....WHO is suggesting, espousing, or demanding that these employees be denied the 'medicines' they desire???? NO ONE!!! This company simply DOES NOT WANT TO PAY FOR IT. That is well within their right as a business to choose what medical expenses they will or will not cover. The employees can go buy any thing they desire and live by any life style they choose or even choose not to work there due to lacking insurance.

It's an foreign concept for liberals, it's called Freedom.


New Attitude, you make a lot of assumptions about Leslie. Instead of attacking her opinion, just state your own with references. Otherwise you're just a mad dog barking in the night and no one is going to take you seriously, let alone take your side.

Susan Sanderson

Thank you to the Green family for stepping up to this fight. Closing down the business and putting your employees on unemployment wouldn't cause Liberals even one minute of regret. Please stand strong and fight for all of us! This is an opportunity given to you by God, use it well!
Check out my blog, started recently in response to frustration over the election...hisbigpictureview.com...its purpose is to encourage Christ-followers to see God's Big Picture and be a part of it!


Neutral Party and Wordsmith Leslie forget that no one if forcing anyone to work at Hobby Lobby. It is an employee's responsibility to find out what coverage they may receive and to decide whether or not to take this job based on what is offered - nothing is owed them except an honest day's wage for an honest day's work.

Annette Nemeth

Anytime God is not counseled when a decisions is made man assumes the position of responsibility. Man cannot see the future. God spoke of things man would do in the beginning and here we are right on point. Man has always failed the human race. God does not forsake His people stand firm under Gods council your in good company!

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