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November 10, 2012



You are known by the company you keep. I never, ever trust anyone who actually believes that they can work with or under Obama. Republican politicans can be exempt from that because they are suppose to be the opposition. But this guy thought he was teflon - ha - Obama threw his onw grandmother under the bus - this guy will be no different. What part of Obama and most Democrats hate the military did he fail to understand?


I meant to say that Republican politicans can SAY they are willing to work with Obama, but as the opposition it is assumed this is just being polite (or a CYA effort). Of course soe Republicans are stupid enough or 'moderate' enough to actually believe it but they are not getting elected, or re-elected. #WAR

Always On Watch

Good grief!

I'm a bit behind on the details of this story and am now dumbfounded that the Mistress #1 was sending out threatening emails.

This is stuff of operatic tragedy -- except that this scandal involves one of our nation's highest-ranking officials.


Not only that, AOW, but if mistress Broadwell was using the general's gmail account to send threatening mail to another woman the only way that makes sense is for the other woman to either be mistress 2 or a potential.

As DCIA Petraeus should have known that email is never really private and never goes away, so this is really a head-scratcher. Let's see if the timeline ever comes out because if this nonsense was going on during Benghazi, and somebody knew, that not only might have been game-changing for the election but could have perhaps affected the Libya attack.

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