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November 09, 2012


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R.J. Godlewski

Jesus never brought equality to anyone. He said that the poor would always be amongst us and that we would be fighting one another because of him.

This woman's sequel will probably be suggesting that Obama is also Muhammad come back to earth (David Koresh already claimed that down in Waco before his group went up in flames).

This is what happens when people do not understand Christianity -- they allow themselves to accept ANYONE as Christ...

Mystical Time Traveler

The Left proclaimed Obama Messiah in 2008. Our children will be forced to pray to this son of a whore. Our churches will be dedicated to him.

Will someone rid me of this wicked priest?


Interesting that the author has a son named Gibran - a muddled poet who was seemed to have a hard time understanding history or theology but a nice way with words. What a dreadful idea - naming your son after someone who was so clearly confused. But then, it is not surprising she could write such a book, another loon writes another loony book.
Well, one day the s*** will hit the fan.

Frederick William Dame

In medias res!

Blasphemy! Blasphemy!! Blasphemy!!!

Barack Hussein Obama can be compared to Satan and his thug Mohammed, but not to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ never lied. Obama is the personification of lying. His types of lying are the typical Islamic types of lying: taqiyya, lying in certain circumstances; kitman, lying by not telling the complete truth, tawriya, lying in all circumstances. All three types of Islamic doctrine lying are to advance Islam and Sharia law. Do not be surprised if after four more years there is no Constitution for the Unitede States of America, only sharia law. Go to colony14.net and read my respective exposés concerning these matters.

Patriotic, Steadfast, and True
Frederick William Dame


What a creepy read.
He is no messiah, but a worthless scamming turd.
Me thinks in 4 years he'll be the most hated leader we have ever had.

Once all the Liberal/Socialist turds get a good dose of losing everything they have , they'll realize he was nothing but a fraudulant , lying, two bit piece of excretement.

Snake Hunter Sez,

Progressive Apostle Obama said: "I've been made leader of minorities"

Allah's Apostle Mohammed said: I have been made victorious with terror" - Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, #220

___ ___


"Once all the Liberal/Socialist turds get a good dose of losing everything they have , they'll realize he was nothing but a fraudulant , lying, two bit piece of excretement."

No they won't, I think. They are already recasting Stalin as a victim of false history who tried to make the USSR into a democracy. They have every media org and all of the education system from preschool to PhD level telling them what to believe. No matter how bad it gets they will never put the blame on their beloved leader and his party faithful.

Always On Watch

Beyond creepy!

This is blasphemous cultism!

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