November 05, 2012


R.J. Godlewski

I know that Michigan is consistently shown on the news to be a blue state -- even though the Republican Party was founded just 50 miles down the road from here -- but the anti-Obama momentum is empowering.

I cannot say that MI will vote for Romney, but it would not surprise me seeing as how many residents are angry at Obama AND we had voted in an entire Republican state government.

So.... :o)

As for that "Pro-abortion" video -- for the party that threatens retaliation after the election; I would not want to be them standing in front of God on Judgment Day.


I am part of poll watch here in Maryland , and we WILL be watching for illegal aliens trying to vote as well as any Black Panther manure who show up.
I don't expect much here in Frederick County , but there are rumors of trouble in Baltimore , and the Police across the State will have extra people on duty.

Obama will try to steal this election , and all the thugs who support him will try to scuttle this election in his favor.
BE WATCHING IF YOU CAN, And thanks for posting that number to alert authorities.

I know the Police here in Republican Frederick County WILL NOT PUT UP WITH ANY BS.


And about that russian sub, if Obozo wins expect this on regular basis, and expect the Chinese to really flex their muscles and run us out of Asia.


Debbie as you know I live in Virginia now. This is the first time in Virginia history that it is being referred to as a swing state. As we knew Virginia was always a "red" state. I never believe in stats, but if the stats are right it appears that "moron on the Pennsylvania Av" may win again. I pray this is not true. Another four years of him as president will doom America. I am going to vote because I just cannot live with the thought that if God forbid he did win - I did not vote my moral compass - morality, truth, prayer in schools, love of Christians and Jews, the support of Israel! Obama told Israel they are on their own. In Genesis 12:3 it is stated, "I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee." Obama turned his back on Israel and now America has been cursed. God help us! Let's pray Romney is victorious!


I read Psalm 83 at least once a month and it says that those who betray the nation of the Jews Israel, their faces will be filled shame!
If Obama is re-elected , this nation...this nation founded and under God will be filled with shame.
It's a turning point in our history, and our very existence.

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