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November 27, 2012



This is just my honest opinion, but women have no place in combat, period. There are some jobs they can do, but combat is definitely not one of them.

They need to do the same drills as the men, carry the same exact equipment and be able to stand on their own.


I agree with you, Leticia, if they can do EXACTLY everything that the men do, then let's think about it. But if they can't, they have no right to fight beside the men, because the men will have to pick up their slack.

Mystical Time Traveler

Let the women serve, get shot at, get badly wounded. I don't really give a damn. Heck let them get captured as POW's, gang raped and beaten. It would serve the bitches right.

After getting raped by the enemy they can sue the military for not protecting them.

Why not? This country is lost and let the idiots have everything they want.


Some women may be tough enough to hack training, and in my experiance they were big , stout girls with clipped hair and mean spirit.

But the majority are NOT.
Case in point was a woman who was allowed into Jump School when i was in the Canadian Army.
It was done as a test case and like this girl at the Citadel Military Academy, she lasted one day.

These wmoen need to ask themselves if they are ever taken prisoner by a Muslime dirtball, what their fate will be.

It's well known what it would be.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

Jesus Christo!

OK.... Lets the chicks go at it and pull their "GI Jane".

Give them what they want, every inch of it, let them sleep in the mud, let them crawl and let them suffer every action every Infantry Officer does!

You want it, you got it! Don't cry and dont say anything, no slack!

Be careful what you ask for!


When I was young, many years ago, I wanted to be a fireman. The test was very physical. One significant part of the test was that you had to be able to pick up a 180 lb man who was unconcious and put him over your shoulder and climb out a second story window and down a ladder. The test now is sissified so that women can be firepersons. I'm guessing that now 180 lb men unconcious on the second floor in a fire are left there. So be it. Not so serious (except to the unconcious man) but since our country depends on the military being strong and capable lets not sissify the military.

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Let a female service, encounter shooting, wounded. I really don't care. Hell let them get capture prisoners of war, gang rape and beaten. It will provide bitch correct.
Get in rape was the enemy they can Sue military didn't protect them.

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I agree with you, letty west Asia, if all they can do a man after all, then let's think about it. But if they can't, they have no right to struggle of man, because next to the person will have to pick up their relaxation.

Susan Benton

Yes, let them go into the training and if they pass that then they sign a contract with a lawyer present to represent them that they take full responsibility for their actions and wish to be treated EXACTLY like any male soldier. My bet is almost none of them will survive the training, then they will get pregnant to avoid going into combat. (I guess some men will sleep with anything.) SO, we are off the hook for anything that happens to them in combat - that will be just fine with me.

Susan Benton

On reflection, I think that the training ought to be really dumbed down for this dumb twits. Then send them out into combat ASAP -no chance to do anything but get raped and/or shot once they get there. A nice military funeral would be in order then. That will relive the military of this twits - ASAP. LOL!

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